highly irritated

oh, i really didn’t want to post something like this. i have just been so irritable lately. and i don’t know why, because the things i get irritated at are the very same things i do myself! so maybe seeing it out will be a therapy for me and help me to get over this.

  1. twitter is getting on my nerves–or more, its users. too much back and forth that could be saved for IMing or email.
  2. i keep getting irritated at someone’s complaining. especially because this person did it intentionally. why not kick back, enjoy, and most importantly, appreciate?
  3. i just put my 46th person on ignore (i actually had to go back and change that number 3 times while composing this post!!!). what is up with yahoo!messenger tonight? somewhere out there, there’s a list of people to contact, especially if you’re a married man, or a “young female” who thinks the people on this list are all male. and for some reason, my name is on this list!!!
  4. i am annoyed at my neighbors. not just the wall-thumping one. but the one who lives across from me, too. they both park on either side of me, and are very fond of parking over the line into my stall. sometimes they both do it, and i’m stuck with having to squeeze into a tiny space and then i’m not able to open the doors to get out. irritates me like no other! especially since one of them had the nerve a while back to leave a note on my windshield saying that i park too close to her side of the line. note, i never park ON it, or OVER it. just “too close.” so i’ve given this person a little more room. to which the person now parks OVER the line into my space! grrrrrrr. this neighbor also tells visitors to park in my space–nearly every day i come home, there’s someone in my space. it gets very annoying.
  5. i am also upset at the whole association. they raised our monthly maintenance bills this year by $75 because they wanted more trash pickup service, and to do that, they’d have to pay more money. so we all agreed to the price increase. however, the trash pickup now comes one day fewer than it used to! AND they replaced all the dumpsters with SMALLER ones! we will get fined for leaving trash outside the dumpster (because they fill so darn fast now) so the only other option is to leave the rotting garbage in our lanais until trash pickup day. not so bad for me, but i just imagine those families with young babies and lots of kids–they have loads of trash! and it just has to sit in the house/on the lanai until the trash is picked up–only to have the dumpster be totally full again a half hour later, with everyone putting trash that accumulated on their lanai in the dumpster. why the heck are we paying $75 more a month for this?!?!?! i get it, we need to watch what we use and not make so much trash–but why charge us $75 more for that?!??!
  6. this is actually several weeks old, but since i’m on a roll grumbling…i wrote earlier about a problem with my son getting “notices of concern.” it was confirmed to me by the bus driver that she gives out the notices for both of the children sitting in the seat, even though only one’s the culprit. her reasoning for that, as she explained, is that they should both be keeping each other in check, so if one is acting up, and the other one is doing nothing to stop that person, then they should both get written up for it. okay. my son is going to tell the bigger, older student he sits with to please behave? but fine, if that’s her reasoning, and she’s trying to teach them to help each other out, then that’s that. just please don’t write him up for “loud-talking/laughing” and “playing with the child across the aisle” because that’s not what he did. write him up for “not helping his partner.” that way when i discipline him, it’ll be for the right thing, and not the “why are you playing on the bus?” and his denying it–when he was telling the truth. plus, the higher-ups that get copies of the notices will understand what happened, as well. not that “not doing anything” is better than the actual trouble, but you know, that paints a different picture in one’s mind.
  7. my sister’s inlaws. ugh.
  8. money. there’s never enough! 😦 i do my best to save and then something needs repair, and there goes all the money again. i’m starting to get irritated at capitalism.
  9. i can’t stand that talkaholic commercial. ugh! hurts my ears!
  10. these lists! gosh, i can’t believe i nearly forgot to add this one!

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