things i'm grateful for

okay after yesterday’s list, which i feel extremely guilty about, i know i have to come back with something better. these are the things i’m glad are in my life (without sounding too sappy, i hope…):

  1. my family, of course. my mom has always been so supportive and just always there. so much so, that i can’t imagine life without her. my sisters are helpful, too–we talk a lot and can just go off on tangents but still follow each other. i can go to one for certain things, and one for other things–i know which to go to whenever i need to talk. even my dad, though he hasn’t been around lately. i mean, i think back in high school of all the times he drove me to hula practice, 3 days a week, to kailua, and including all the fundraisers and stuff we’d have, and when he’d drive me to work and pick me up and when he’d pick me up when i was feeling too sick to ride the bus home. he never complained about it. oh great, now i’m getting teary.
  2. another one would be my son. everyone tells me i’m so lucky to have him, and i truly agree. of course, he’s not a teenager yet, so…we’ll see! heeheehee. hopefully his good behavior and cheerful attitude now doesn’t turn sour when those hormones start flowing. eeeeesh. that might just be my just payoff for having such an easy time with him now.
  3. i’m thankful for my job. yes, i cannot believe i am actually saying that. with all the heartache it’s given me?? but i am lucky to have a job. it does pay my mortgage and my car and so i am thankful it’s given me enough to do that, and allow me to live independently. people who make $80k say they could never afford to live here, but i prove i can with half that. so there! 😀
  4. i have some colleagues that really look out for me. even though they’re no longer at my school, they still write to check up on me, and are willing to drop off stuff here that they come across that they i can use. so nice!
  5. i have the greatest students this year. seriously.
  6. i’m grateful for my computer which allows me to connect with others in the comfort of my own home. plus, all the things you can learn! my goodness! i can spend all day (and have many times!) just following link after link after link, reading and absorbing all … very fun!
  7. my sister says i have this ability to just look at something and be able to figure out how it’s made, or just watch someone start something, and from there, take off and then already be two-steps ahead of them by the time they’re finished. i guess i’m grateful for that ability, though sometimes i think it comes off as impatience! heeheehee. but it does help when looking at some sorta craft object and having to figure out how it’s made.
  8. i’m happy my mom instilled in me a love for reading.
  9. i’m happy my dad instilled in me a love for music.
  10. i have such good hula sisters and a great kumu hula who just really put her faith in me, and well, just all of them. some of my best memories are with them.
  11. i had the best babysitter take care of my boy. her whole family welcomed him in as one of theirs that sometimes when i used to pick him up i’d feel like i’m tearing him right out of their hearts. but i know that they’re the reason why my son is the way he is. he was very much loved, and i couldn’t have asked for anything better, knowing i couldn’t have been the one there giving him the love he needed (oh no, the tears again!). but seriously, some sitters are just so businesslike. and seeing that i only came upon her as my very last resort–i’m so happy i did!
  12. i’ve had some good, caring teachers. some pushed me very hard, some let me get away with things, but all really cared. or they were real good actors!
  13. my uncle once told me when i was like 5 that he hoped his daughter (before he actually had one) would have the love for steak i had. ha! i do like my meat. sorry, cows. but thank you!
  14. i’m grateful for this island i live upon. yes, it has some bad points. but overall, i don’t think i could be happier anywhere else. the weather, the beaches, the mountains…just all very lovely and wonderful, and i know i’m lucky to be able to call here home.
  15. and i will be VERY grateful in 7 days for this to be all over! 😀

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