as i look around the room, i see many unfinished projects. i start with good intentions, and either because i run out of time, or i lose interest, i never finish them. each unfinished project has a story, though, soooo…

  1. baby blanket. it’s a pink baby blanket that has purple, green, and turquoise flowers along the border. it’s a beautiful blanket, if i ever get around to finishing it. i originally made it for a colleagues’ baby. they had been trying for years, and they were finally blessed with a little princess. so i made this beautiful pink blanket for her. i got all the flowers done, and got started on the pink part. but she ended up coming almost 2 months early, so i never got to finish it–i instead bought her a blanket, and put away the blanket. about a year later, my cousin and his wife, who had been trying for years, too, announced they were having a little girl. so i pulled it out, and finished up the pink part. the only thing i had to do was join all the flowers together with lace and then border the pink part. however, my cousin’s wife is verrrrrrry picky and i found out that she wouldn’t want something handmade–it has to come from … and i can’t remember the name of the company, but that’s the only place she wanted things from. so i put it away again. *sigh* i keep saying i’ll finish it for when *i* have my little girl, but … that’s looking impossible right now.
  2. i bought a whole bunch of yarn when i got a brochure on care bears. so i took orders from everyone and bought the yarn and was going to make a bunch of care bears. then my mom was in the hospital, and i never even started any of them. the yarn is still stacked neatly in the wal-mart bags in my closet.
  3. i bought a whole bunch of fuzzy yarn to make teddy bears and other animals. i made … two. *blush* part of it was because i could not find the exact colors for the yarn that i needed (one brand was not made any more) and i’m not that knowledgeable enough to know what yarn could replace it. plus, it was in knit, which is what i was trying to teach myself how to do, and it took a lot of practice. i had planned to make a whole zoo of them for my son when he was a baby, one summer, but only got to make the piggie and the alligator by the time the summer was up. when i had to go back to school, i couldn’t work on them any more, and i never picked them up again after that. *sigh*
  4. i made my niece a little shrug that had a fuzzy boa-like trim around the edges. i couldn’t believe that she actually wore it to school, but she did. her teacher commented on how much she’d like one for her daughter, so my niece asked me to make one for her. so i made one (that one i did finish!!!). then my sister was like, oh can you make a bunch for me? she picked out her colors and styles and everything. then my mom asked for one, too. so i bought all the yarn–found the most softest yarn ever, in a variety of colors, for pretty cheap at wal-mart. i bought the elastic and everything. and i finished one shrug–but ended up making it a bit too small for my sister (it would’ve fit my niece, though, but she didn’t like the color). so i was going to start again…only i never did. i think the summer ended, too, for that one.
  5. i saw these cute photo frames at a craft store, and thought to myself, i can do that! so i was going to do it for my son’s babysitter for christmas. i bought all the material and was set to work; i just had to figure out how to make the pattern. i didn’t have any cardboard around. so i was going to get oaktag, but i would always forget! soon it was the last week of school and i wasn’t going to see my son’s babysitter so i had to come up with something else. *sigh*
  6. one of the bathrooms has an ocean theme. i found the perfect kleenex box to make to match the shower curtains and the carpet. i at least finished all 5 sides of the kleenex box–all i needed to do was put the 5 sides together, and i would be done! but i don’t know what happened with that one! i know i had to put it aside, but i don’t know why i never finished it. in fact, i could do it so quickly right now…but i don’t want to. weird.
  7. i bought a whole bunch of soap stuff to make my own soaps. i wanted to make it in ocean shapes to go in my ocean-themed bathroom. i made 3! but i have a whole bunch of supplies and i never went back to them. they didn’t come out as nice as i thought they would, and just seemed like too much trouble to make something that didn’t come out as nice. but i have seen those recently that look like they have petals in them? beautiful! i want to try those next! 😛
  8. i also bought candle supplies to make my own clear-wax candles with stuff like shells and stuff at the bottom, again for the ocean-themed bathroom. i found out i needed a special pan to melt the wax in and yes, i never went and got that pan. *sigh*
  9. i was really into beads a while back, and made lots of beaded bracelets and earrings–as long as i was in a class! once i brought it home, i never made it again. well once in a while, i’ll make a quick pair of earrings when my mom requests one, but other than that–my bin of beads just sits there, waiting patiently to be made into some sorta trinket. i think i’ll get back into that this summer.
  10. i think march’s nablopomo will go here. these lists are driving me crazy and i’m tempted to just not do it any more. it’d just add to the tons of things i never finish! heeheeheehee…

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