what we did to pass the time

it’s been a while since all of us sisters have gotten to hang out together. one’s always gone somewhere or had something to do, and while all the grandkids may be there, it was rare when all the sisters would be there. today, though, we just all happened to end up at mom’s house at the same time. we played games, much like we did when we were younger. our family hardly went out, and we really didn’t have a lot of money, so we often had to make up our own games to entertain ourselves. here are some things we did:

  1. charades. my sisters and i would make our own charades out of slips of paper we’d cut up from the scratch paper my dad would bring home. we would write characters from movies and put it in a big, empty licorice container, so it gave the papers an odd smell. we’d pick a name and we’d say something they said from a movie. we also did a song version where it was just a word on the paper and we had to sing a line from a song with that word. we loved it whenever we pulled the word “baby” or “girl”. there were so many songs with those words in them! we would go on and on.
  2. rockband. okay, we didn’t have the videogame, but we used our own things. we’d usually have mtv on and we’d take turns being the singer, or the guitar player, or whatever, depending on what the video was that came on tv. yes, we were weird.
  3. boardgames. my mom and dad would play scrabble at least once a week, and i think that’s what got us started on boardgames. they’d always indulge us a game all together, then after all the kiddies got their turns, they’d play another game all by themselves. when i was older, i’d always look at kaybee, sometimes they’d have their games for only $5!!! so i’d get them and that’s what we play whenever we’re all together, even now. scattegories, guesstures, outburst!, tribonds, pictionary, and trivial pursuit were some of our favorites. we’d even take a bunch to my grandma’s house and get all the cousins and uncles and aunts involved. fun times!
  4. use up paper. my dad would bring home stacks and stacks of scratch paper. we’d help use them up by just drawing. i used to love to do comics. my sisters would write notes or do origami. again, we’d use them to make our charades games. there was always an abundance of paper around, and lots of things to do with it. my son is the same way now, and luckily i have a job that has a lot of extra scratch paper too. not as much as my dad’s did, but still enough to satisfy his drawing or making puzzles needs.
  5. read. my mom would take us to the library every wednesday since it was a short day at school. we’d borrow tons of books (like 10+ each) and lug them all back home and just read. my mom still takes the weekly trips to the library, but sadly, by herself, unless the grandkids are with her. luckily, that’s one trait they all inherited as well, the love to read.
  6. fight. yes, my sisters and i did get into our fair share of tussles. *blush* we get along great now, and actually, most of the time, we did. but we did get into the fights every now and then, and i still have the battle scars all over my arms to prove it!
  7. watch movies. over and over and over and over. that’s how i know all the words to things like grease and goonies. we had the tapes and we’d just watch it over and over and over. my younger sister is still into this. she knows a LOT about movies and when i used to play my trivia games on yahoo!, she was my go-to for the movies. but scary how 25 years later, we can all remember the dialogue in certain movies. shows how many times we watched them!!!
  8. sticking together. yes, we did get into our fights, as i mentioned before, and since there were 3 of us, it usually ended up 2 vs 1, with the 1 getting beaten up by the other 2. however, the 3 of us stuck together in the “outside” world. no matter what, we had each other’s backs. and i think it still continues on to today, where not one of the 3 of us would hesitate to help the other. no matter how much we fought, we still are pretty close. 🙂

awww. i’ve got the best sisters in the world! 🙂


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