these dreams

the sweetest song is silence / that i’ve ever heard / funny how your feet / in dreams never touch the earth / in a wood full of princes / freedom is a kiss / but the prince hides his face / from dreams in the mist…

  1. i used to have this recurring dream when i was younger of the house that was next to my aunty’s house, which we went to every new year’s day. i dreamt it was full of draculas and ghosts. it always started out the same–we’d be at my aunty’s house, and it was like a regular new year’s day…red firecracker paper lined the streets, the smell of gunpowder in the air…and my cousins and i would be drawn to that house, and we’d enter it and be chased down these steps that kept growing and growing and growing…i’d always wake up with my heart pounding! but i never told anyone about it–until just a few years ago. come to find out, all of my sisters and i had been having that very same dream about that very same house!!!! spooky or what? no one ever talked about it…yet we all dreamt it. we were squicked out after that.
  2. i would very rarely have a dream about this guy i crushed on since intermediate. he was soooo handsome. and i would go to bed each night, filling my head with thoughts of him, hoping to dream about him. but i very rarely did. and whenever i did, i hated waking up. when i did, i would make myself go right back to sleep. but it never continued. 😦
  3. i did have a dream about another boy at school whom i never really thought twice about. he was just in a couple of my classes, but that was it. i once had a dream where … well, we got intimate, and it felt very real. when i woke up, i was actually *sore*. needless to say, i could never look at that boy ever again! it was one real weird dream!
  4. i used to dream about war a lot. one very vivid dream had me standing at the intermediate school i went to. there’s one building, where when you step out into the lanai you can see all the way down to the ocean. in my dream, i was standing on the lanai when the sirens starting going off–i could see planes coming in from the ocean, dropping bombs, explosions going off all among the buildings in town and the houses that dotted the land all the way down to the sea. everyone around me was screaming and running, but i stood there absolutely terrified. then a bomb landed right next to me–but was a dud and didn’t explode. that’s how a lot of my war ones ended. i’d then will myself awake by then.
  5. i would constantly dream of being chased. while i’m running, i would stop and i would wish *become invisible NOW*. sometimes it worked in my dreams, and sometimes it didn’t.
  6. i once dreamt i shot my sister. it was the weirdest thing. we were both standing behind poles to block the shots and were just taking shots at each other, almost playing like, purposely missing. but then she kept nipping me in the shins and heels with her shots. so i got mad, and stood there and unloaded 5 rounds right into her chest. the shock on her face when i did that–oh my gosh. i couldn’t get that look out of my mind for days after. after i shot her, i went over to her and walked her over to the bathroom to get a towel to help clean her up and i kept telling her sorry, but she shouldn’t have kept nipping me in the heels. then i woke up, hating myself for having such a dream!!! again, that look on her face haunted me for the following days, and in fact, i can still see it in my mind as i’m remembering it now. ick.
  7. i can tell when it’s time to go back to school, because i’ll always have dreams solely to do with school. it usually has to do with my students not listening to me. and i’ll always have a mixture of students, from past years, and sometimes, classmates i had would be in my class (still at their elementary age, even though they should be my age). so soon, those dreams will start again! *sigh*
  8. i’ve also had quite a few falling dreams. those are scary!
  9. when i was pregnant, i’d have a lot of dreams about the baby. not weird dreams, like how some women get, but just very … real dreams. come to find out, several of the dreams i had did come true later … especially one dealing with the baby’s father.
  10. i’ve not had them in a while, maybe since i was pregnant, but every once in a while, i’d have a dream, but it’s quickly forgotten…and then it comes true. because as it is happening in real life, i’m thinking, wait a minute. why is this so familiar? totally deja vu. then i’ll remember it happened in a dream. weird huh?

i used to so be into dream interpretation. i had several books. it is fascinating to see just what the mind is doing to entertain itself as you sleep, and more importantly, why it is showing you those scenes! i totally should have been a psychologist.


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