what i have learned

what i have learned this past month doing these lists for nablopomo:

  1. i’m terrible at making lists! gosh!
  2. i am terrible at thinking up topics.
  3. i’m terrible with organizing them and coming up with more than 3 items.
  4. i’m a terrible complainer.
  5. i feel terrible for putting someone through what he went through every single night this past month.
  6. i am terrible at using my “skillz” to get my way. or at least terrible to think that i am cute enough to use those skills to get my own way.
  7. i am a terrible person. period. bleah.

gosh, that’s what i learned. i suck! i can’t even make a proper list on the very last day! boooooo. so why the heck did i agree to the challenge of doing april as well?!?! *sigh*



  1. Melissa Said:

    Lol! Thanks for stopping by my site. So I’m guessing you won’t be using one of those badges then huh? 😀 I can’t imagine doing a month of lists and then going into another themed month immediately after. Congratulations on making it through March! 🙂

  2. Lia Said:

    hi Melissa! I actually did use your badge in my first post of April but since then I’ve made all my posts private. I may or may not make them public again–not sure. But if so, then you’ll see your badge! 🙂 thanks again!

  3. Melissa Said:

    Wow, so you are doing two months in a row! That’s impressive! I wish blogger had the ability to make some posts private and others not. Maybe that’s a feature they’ll add someday.

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