to "daisy"

april thanks to melissa for the badge 🙂

dear “daisy,”

heeheehee–remember when you wanted us to call you daisy? because you loved daisy’s hair in mystic pizza and you wanted your hair to be like hers so when you permed it and got it all bouncy and curly you would answer to nothing but “daisy”? heeheehee.

hey, it’s been a long time. i really miss your long, nosey letters! 😛 i thought of you today because of april fool’s day. remember that joke i played on you? you kept going on and on and on in one of your letters about me & m and you kept trying to push us together even though you knew what a *ahem* “manslut” he was, as you called him, and i would be hurt that you’d think i should be with him even knowing his reputation, but you kept going on about how we could be known as “m&m” and how cute that would be and what gorgeous babies we’d have and all and i was reading that in math 101 one day not knowing he was READING OVER MY SHOULDER and i was so embarrassed that i wrote a letter to you apologizing for not answering you sooner but i was busy with the new baby and all, and m & i were just exhausted, and you were SOOOO livid at me that you quickly wrote me a letter scolding me for having a baby so soon out of high school and with m, of all people, and how you wanted proof, with a picture of me, m, and the baby, with the baby’s birth certificate in the “lower right hand corner and no thumbs blocking out any info!!!” and i then realized that you never got to the last line of my letter — “happy april fool’s day” followed by my signature smiley face doodle with a tongue sticking out — before writing and sending out that letter to me. remember that? 😀

but i knew it was because you cared. the letter that came the next day (these were the days before email, huh?) was another letter scolding me for being so evil, when you finally saw that it was all an april fool’s joke. but then you went back to your chatty self, letting me know what happened, since that letter before was totally just scoldings! i just wanted to let you know that i cherished your letters. they always made me laugh. you have such great voice, that i could always just imagine you standing in front of me, yapping away. i could hear you speak in your letters. i couldn’t wait to get the next one.

but of course, as always, we got wrapped up in our own lives and our letters to each other became further and further apart. i’m still curious about what happened to you after college. did you go on to be a dentist? or did you switch? are you married, and do you have children? (for me, the answer is no, and one–and NOT by m!!!) are you still in california, or have you gone to new york, as you always dreamed? or did you make it back here? there are so many questions i have for you, but i don’t know where you are to ask them. but i do still think of you now and then, and it always makes me smile.

i still remember your eye rolls as we talked about classes. i remember your giggly voice whenever we talked about who was hot. i remember your squeals and running down the hall to hyperventilate by my locker when your crush said hi to you. i remember your grumbling about homework, as we sat down to finish it during free period, because you had to work after school. i remember your dreamy sighs as we’d fantasize about what we’d do after high school, how you’d be a famous dentist, and i’d be a dancer, and how we’d both make a lot of money and be able to sail anywhere we wanted to, with our handsome husbands by our sides. i remember you, miss outgoing chatterbox, taking pity on this silent old soul, and how you helped to push me out there, to get more involved. you were a great friend, and i thank you for that.

so just a “short note” (ha, ha *wink*) to tell you that i miss your letters–but most of all, i miss you. i hope life gave you all you ever hoped for, because that’s truly what you deserve.

until next time, miss daisy…



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