to nclb creator

dear mr nclb creator,

yeah, you know who you are. i don’t know why you made it, honestly. can you tell me that every single child is going to meet every single standard? honestly? have you ever worked with kids before? do you know that each and every single child has different needs? each and every child works at different paces? each and every child is INDIVIDUAL? obviously not.

you have made schools jump through all sorts of hoops to comply. what happens when no one can comply? even the best schools won’t get 100%. is it to get sanction $? to fund the war? it just seems so harsh and doesn’t take into consideration each and every child. the benchmarks keeps going up and more and more keep failing. doesn’t that tell you something?

you put the pressure solely on the schools, which in turns comes down on their teachers. but nothing on the parents. nothing on the community. doesn’t that have something to do with the decline in education, respect, and social skills? do the parents get sanctioned for not supporting their kids? i think that’s a big difference between then and now. then, teachers had respect and if something was wrong, the parents came down on their kids and forced them to reform. now, parents excuse their kids for every single thing. kids learn not to respect their authority figures because parents will always come to bail them out. and then teachers get criticized for not getting the kids in line and learning. but how, when education is not as valued in the homes?

then, too, i think that education was more valued by the government. money has been taken away from education to fund other areas (WAR, payoffs, etc.). no one seems to get that we couldn’t do it with the $ we had before, how can we do it now with even LESS $? because we are miracle workers! right!

all the pressure that the teachers are going through is taking its toll. you have reports of teachers caught trying to prep their kids to exactly what’s on the test. you have states lowering their standards to ensure that kids are going to pass. you have all the important arts and music going out the door as studies are focused only on language arts and math. it is so sad to be going to school right now!

i don’t know how it is you kept getting elected but i sure do hope that whoever’s next is going to repeal the whole thing. but even if it’s repealed, the damage has been done. teachers are burnt out. they are leaving in droves. the community has a bad opinion of public education. there is hardly any support. but they’re all quick to point the fingers for all the failures. and it’s not to themselves. i think this did so much more harm to the morale of public education. that is a sad, sad thing.

i think that your next job should be an elementary teacher in an inner-city area, or a rural area, with half or your crowded class drug babies, and most of the other half with parents who are quick to blame you but when you ask for help, they are nowhere to be found. you can see for yourself how much you really, really didn’t know what you were talking about. but hopefully, when you DO know, you will know how to change it then.



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