to neighbor

dear neighbor,

i don’t know what happened to you the last couple of weeks–you may have been sick or away, but it was nice and quiet for a while. your car was properly parked in its space (which is why i think you didn’t go away, but might’ve been sick), and the walls didn’t thump as they usually did. it was quite nice.

today, you seem to have returned–whether from a vacation or from illness? for again, the walls thump. again, you park your car OVER the line into my space. uhhh…what happened here?

i’m glad you’re feeling better but please have some consideration. you do not live in a house. you live in close quarters where there are people living beneath you and to the side of you. you may enjoy playing your music very loudly, but that cause the walls to vibrate, making our pictures rattle. you may thump along as you walk, but remember, there are people beneath you who can hear that thump-thump-thump as you trudge down the hallway. the sound you make as you throw things around carries! please realize that although you may live alone in your unit, you do not live alone in this building. what you do you may think only affects yourself, but it actually affects all of us around you.

and that’s not even including the parking lot! why don’t people understand that the lines are there for a reason?!?! when you park over the line, that causes the person who parks in that space to have less room. what’s so hard about parking in between lines? i take the time to make sure i’m parked perfectly between lines, and yes, that may be a bit obsessive, but at least i’m being considerate to the people who have to park around me. when you just sling your huge suv into the parking space, not minding that you are way over the line and into my stall, you are showing me that you don’t even care that i have to park next to you and i don’t have enough room. will hitting your car with my car as i try to open my door make you think again? i doubt it–you’d probably bash my head in.

all i ask is that you be aware that you share this living space with a few other families and to be considerate to everyone here. thank you.



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