to pet

dear dear little girl,

my gosh you gave us a scare tonight. we came home and found the door halfway open and knew you had escaped. we looked all over for you. we searched everywhere for clues where you had been, but only found a few near the cage. we knew you were not in that area already. frustrated, i ended up yelling at the boy, and he went to sleep upset. i went to bed, resigned. i figured you were long gone, if not in distance, then in life.

i turned on the computer to drown out my sadness. after catching up on all the email and getting ready to write a letter, what do i hear, coming from underneath my own bed? your cry! your cry that you sometimes emit in a dream echoed through the quiet room. i peered over the bed and poked a backscratcher underneath, when i heard scrambling on the other side. i went to the other side, but apparently you had scrambled back. you were playing games with me, huh? naughty girl.

i went and got all your favorites–your bath tub, your favorite treats, the water bottle (i knew you must’ve been thirsty). i made as much noise to try and entice you out. however, you are not like my beloved boy i had years ago–you refused to come out. i shook your treat box; nothing. i thumped your bath tub; nothing. i tapped the water bottle; still nothing. what was it going to take to get you out? i was losing my patience.

i almost woke the boy to tell him to make noise at one end of the bed so i could grab you once you came out the other side. i would’ve, if it went 30 minutes more! but here it was, nearly 1 1/2 hours since i started to find you. i was getting frustrated. what was it going to take?

i finally set up your bath tub on one end of the bed, and then flopped on the bed, grabbed a old game box, and started making noise at the other end of the bed, hoping you’d go to the other side, find the bath tub, and jump in. but nothing happened. i went all up alongside the bed and nothing. i was getting verrrry angry.

then i spied the computer desk. there was a smaller table under it with the printer on it–i noticed the printer paper part was down. a few pieces of paper were on the floor, chewed up! aha! clues! i shook the box under the tables, and whoosh! you came flying out, jumping onto the bed, and landed right in my lap! i grabbed you quickly, as you were certainly surprised that i was on the bed, and that of all places to land, you landed right where you did! you looked at me terrified as i scolded you. “naughty girl! naughty, naughty girl!”

i gave you your water bottle but you refused. you’re so stubborn!

i finally got you back in the cage with your cagemate, even though you pushed away, trying to get out of my grasp. i had to shove you in. no treat for you! i instead gave your treat to baby girl, since she didn’t escape like you did. you went and sulked in the corner. at least you’re safe.

or so i hope. i know i’ve read forums where other people’s pets have escaped and even though they were found later, and seemed alright, they ended up dying a few days later because on their little escapade of “freedom” they ended up chewing something they weren’t supposed to. so i won’t know for a while if you truly are okay or if you got into some mischief on your run. but i do hope you’re okay. you scared me and my son. we were both convinced that when we finally found you, you’d be dead.

well, the hole is now patched up even as you eye me angrily. no, you may not have free run of this house specifically because it’s not safe for you. it’s for your own safety, girl. you have a huge play area to play in, yet you want to come out and explore? i know you’re naturally curious, as all of your species are, but still! for your own good, you need to stay in your cage! i’m sorry, but that’s what it’s gotta be!

well, i’ll check up on you tomorrow morning. i hope you’re okay, and it’s just because you’re mad at me and not because you’re hurt that you’re just staying in the corner. be like your cagemate and behave!

thank you.



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