to uncle

dear uncle,

gosh it’s been a while! but someone said it was just a year, but it felt like forever. but i guess you’re enjoying it up on the mainland and will stay there forever, no matter how much you say you want to come home. i wonder if it’s because of your lifestyle? are you afraid? i really don’t think you should be. i’m pretty sure most of us know. and it’s okay with us, really. yes, my cousins rib you good…but for the most part, they’re understanding. for the *most* part.

i’m just saying this because i can see how much you miss here every time you visit. i’m sure there’s all sorts of good things on the mainland but i know that here is where your heart is. i know you accepted that position and you will be gone for another year but i hope that you’ll be back soon. i don’t think you know how much grandma misses you and worries about you. i don’t know if you know how much it breaks her heart to have you so far away. but i do hope you come back soon to the place you enjoy and the people who love you.

hope it won’t be another year until we see you!



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