to pet part 2

my dear little girl,

again?!?! again?!?!?!?!?!? and you took your cagemate with you this time?? how in the world did you two unpatch the hole? grrrr. you two are smarter than i thought.

this time i woke up the boy and had him make noise to get you out. baby girl was easy to catch but you were so tricky. after chasing you around the whole house you made the mistake of turning into the bathroom! aha! easy capture after closing the door! you went running for the door but BONK. i was able to catch you then. naughty girl!

i repatched the hole and now you’re sulking again, defeated. but i have far less sympathy for you now! i was woken up by your scratching about in the night and now i can’t get back to sleep–and neither can the boy! and we were both so tired, but are now both so wide awake. and there’s school tomorrow! grrrrrrrrrrr.

i think i need to stop by home depot tomorrow. we gotta patch that hole up good! i can’t be spending nights trying to chase you around the house! or worse, wake up in the morning to find you dead. sorry, my girls, but the cage is where you must stay.

hope you enjoyed your last romp of freedom, for you will not be having any more, as long as i can help it!



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