to pet part 3


i don’t even want to address you any more, i’m that upset at you. how can you have escaped again? i put you back and went overboard. seeing how you broke through the other barrier, i got fed up and went to home depot and *really* bandaged the hole up good. i’d like to see you break through *that*! no, actually, i don’t want to see that.

it’s frustrating trying to get you back in. you don’t listen like previous pets. you know how to hide. you know how to make me run in circles. it’s not even funny.

when i finally caught you today, after about an hour of chasing you, i lifted you and saw that you were really light and bony. you have not been eating? even putting you back in the cage, you didn’t seem to chomp or want water or anything. it’s a bit worrying. are you like a cat, who tries to go elsewhere to die? is that why you keep trying to break out? what is going on?

i hope this new barrier is effective in keeping you in. again, it’s only for your own safety. i don’t want you getting at anything that can make you sick! so please? stay in your cage? you have a lot of room in there, and it’s safe for you. i don’t want anything happening to my little girl.

thank you.



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