to colleagues

dear esteemed colleagues,

i hate to say this–well, no, i actually enjoy saying this: “i told you!”

i’ve been so frustrated. no one was listening yet i was supposed to get everything out. but now that i did it, everyone’s all … oh. well, i think we need to change. and the thing is, it was my suggestion! but you all shot me down. and now it’s, okay, let’s do this.

now, we all make mistakes. i make tons. but you don’t even acknowledge my ideas. no apologies or anything. it’s just “oh well live and learn, let’s move on.” whereas i feel like, well if you had just listened to me earlier…

i know i don’t chime in as much as i should. that’s not me. i sit back and take everything in and then decide from there. you all know that. we’ve worked together how long now? but i guess i do that too often that when i do have something to input, it’s brushed off. so i guess that’s my fault.

i guess i’m just angry because of everything else that is going on. plus, i’ve been doing all of this for our grade level using my OWN funds. and so mistakes are a bit costly, if you know what i mean. also being the only one without a working husband supplying another income, it’s rough on my finances. now i’ve got to throw everything out and start again?

just please–if you’re going to entrust me to do certain things, then please listen to my input. or at least offer to help me out some. we’re all busy, yes. but even financially helping out or offering to do something, one little thing, anything, would’ve helped big time. after all, this is for the kids. right?

seeing we’re probably all going to be together again next year, i hope we are learning from our mistakes so that we’re not in this situation again. at least i think i’ve learned to next time, say NO! :p



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