to thief

to the person who went through my purse and took my money:

okay, you got me. i know i’ve been told over and over again that i need to close up my classroom when i’m not in it. but i wasn’t very far. i was just in the next classroom over. i was standing in the doorway most of the time! yet you found a time when i wasn’t looking to sneak in and attack my purse. you were especially tough on my wallet, strewing its contents all over the floor. luckily, all cards are accounted for. however, you did take what little dollar bills i had in there.

i’ve had things taken from me before–my pokemon pikachu, several tamagotchis, and other things. but those were things that were clipped to the outside of my bag. this time, you actually went in and took out stuff! i feel so violated.

you did not find my secret compartment of emergency money, though. you did not touch my kids’ money (thank goodness!) that i also had in my bag. and i am thankful you did not steal my credit cards (though a part me wonders if you really just took down the numbers of the cards? that’s all you really need nowadays, huh?). okay, now i’m paranoid.

but still, you went through my stuff. you left it on the floor. you went through my closets–for what, though? did you really need my measly two dollars more than anything? or is this just for the thrill?

well, i’ve been warned many times, it’s true. i didn’t think anything of it, i guess. i was too trusting or too lazy. but you got me. and i have learned my lesson. but i hope that you too will learn a lesson.




  1. Lika Said:

    So sorry to hear this. BACHI on whoeva wen do dat.

  2. Lia Said:

    mahalo 🙂

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