to nablopomo

dear nablopomo organizers,

yay! i did it! another month down and completed. i hate to admit it, but this one was actually a bit fun! 😀

i have been writing every day, even though it hasn’t appeared in this space. i had just been marking them all private so that no one can read them. i’m so ashamed of my writing. but i did want to keep it up, even though most of my letters were just plain silly. i was just too embarrassed to have it in public where everyone could see what an awful writer i am.

but for the sake of proving that i did write every day, i’m marking them all “published” now. none of the dates were edited; they are the true dates that i wrote the letters and marked them as private. i hope that still counts.

i don’t think i’ll be participating in may‘s one, though, because with the way i feel about my writing, trying to adopt another’s voice will NOT work! heehee. and you don’t even want to hear my real voice! not even screeching cats would want that.

anyway, thanks for the writing exercises these past two months. can’t wait to see what june’s is!

thanks 🙂




  1. Lika Said:

    Yes it counts. Ha’come shame? “Shame is wen you steal.” NTPupule

    You can make you fonts moe big, I no can see. Oh, I need to go get new eyes too, my glasses stay jacked up, maybe its just me. hehehehe

  2. Lia Said:

    i’m a terrible writer, that’s why!

    sorry about the fonts. i’ll have to go about and dig in the code later to make it bigger. sorry about that! but i appreciate you reading this drivel and leaving coments 🙂

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