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eat fresh

gosh. it’s totally been a week. TOTALLY. i’ll never survive a month, let alone this school year. ugh.

even though it’s not friday, when we usually go “out” to eat, i *had* to treat myself today. that’s the kind of week it’s been. 😦

went to subway. eat fresh!


the prime rib sandwich. okay. i guess i had too many veggies on it that i couldn’t really taste it. it tasted no difference from their regular steak and cheese sandwich. but i always get all the veggies–makes me feel like i’m eating healthy 😉

just one more day. too bad i can’t say that about the school year. 😦






my uncle is visiting for a little while so my mom made sushi for him. yum.

there’s a whole sushi story from childhood but i’ll save that for later.

or maybe not. not like anyone cares. thank goodness this month is almost over!

not meant to be veg.

i tried.


now i feel seriously ill. i’ve got the shakes and everything.

sorry, i just can’t do it.

something fishy


my colleague has been acting very nice lately…hmmmmmm.

she bought us all lunch. then pitched her idea again. while she was talking, i studied the contents. beef teriyaki, a musubi with just a square of nori, a cone sushi, chicken, and what i thought was a corned beef hash patty but it was a fish patty. the lunch was pretty good.

different choice

did you know you can get mac ‘n’ cheese at bk as a kid’s meal?


yup, still trying for that ever elusive pikachu! nice that you can get different choices, though.


was supposed to post this yesterday but because this version of wordpress is too old to work with the iphone app, i couldn’t. so i’m using it for today 😛

i got a whole box full of these round saimin noodle balls from kaua’i. i really don’t know what to do with them. i boiled a couple of them, and the water was just so thick and sludgy from the flour coating of the noodles. i dumped out the water and filled it up again about 3 times (it reminded me of tripe!) but the water was still very thick. the noodles were decent, though. and without the salty soup base, it was actually better than regular s&s or okahara saimin. i guess because it was fresh, although i’m sure the other two would taste the same if i didn’t use the soup base for it. i’ve still got about a dozen more balls left and am trying to figure out what to do with them. since i’m not too creative, we’ll probably just keep boiling them and eating them as saimin, which actually, i don’t mind. i’ll just have to get some green onion and eggs, and maybe some luncheon meat or kamaboko. mmm, haven’t had kamaboko in a while…



downloaded the new iPhone wordpress app with hopes of being able to post from my phone but alas, was told that it appears this version is old and not compatible with the wordpress app. ah well. there goes my great posts of brilliance :/


i know, it looks gross. the pudding kinda erupted and spilled over to the enchilada side, and the same thing might’ve happened on the refried beans side. but it was okay. quite filling, at least 😛

mexican fiesta

eta wooo! made it by a minute!

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