back again.

I felt bad because Lika was asking why she was the only one writing, and, boy, I know what THAT feels like! So, I’m partly doing this for her. 🙂 But unfortunately, that means I’ll be filling up the “recently on”s again…sorry about that.

Actually I’ve written a few posts since then but didn’t feel right about posting them without a theme (so sad, yeah, I cannot post without a theme?) so I saved them to use when a theme comes up that’ll match it. Er, though I guess the theme would have to be “morbid thoughts” heh.

Anyway, back to July’s theme…food. I will try to make use of this darn phone and post pictures about food. I know, how boring is that? Extremely. But, I’m not very creative.

Also, I just realized I’m the world’s worst picture-taker! Ugh. Sorry for the out-of-focusness.

chowder.jpg chili.jpg

I had bought some chili tickets from former students who were selling them as a fundraiser for their sick grandfather (who has since passed away). I bought them back in May and thought, hey, I have enough time. It’s not until July 2nd. Well, sneaky little July showed up without announcing itself!!! Darn month. So I had to hurry up and redeem the tickets. While there, I saw they had corn chowder! YUM! So I ordered a bowl (first picture). It was not as good as I’m used to (the kind my mom would make). It was very sweet–probably the corn. I guess I’m more used to clam chowder 🙂 Anyway, those blurry pictures above are of the chili and the chowder.

What new and exciting thing will be posted about tomorrow? I bet you all can wait. 😉 Sadly, though, I have to post every day for July. 😦 Sorry.

And when I get the badge (which hasn’t been posted yet at the nablopomo site), I will put it here 🙂



  1. mitchell Said:

    Mmmmm. Zippy’s chili! You have to try the chili moco! It’s…wonderful.

  2. Lika Said:

    I was wondering where you were…..I thought so…….EATING! LOL Mahalo fo’writing. Again. Right on, write on.

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