designer pasta

at the beginning of the summer break, my cousin had declared that we should all (her, my sisters, and i) go to nordstrom cafe to celebrate the summer break that we all were desperately looking forward to. both my sisters have been there before and raved about it, so my cousin and i were anxious to try it. however, we have been busy–and i’ve been, um, incapacitated with other issues, so it was hard to find time when we all could go. finally, we had a date chosen–we would go on wednesday. and, of course, knowing my luck, an appointment i had for tuesday had to be rescheduled…for wednesday. argh.

so i missed the cafe experience. but my sisters and cousin were nice enough to order a takeout for me. i had previously tried a little of my mom’s leftovers the last time she went–the wild mushroom ravioli. yummy, but very rich. i only ate two ravioli, but it was nice. i debated ordering that, but decided that i did not want a tummyache, so i ordered the chicken tomato alfredo penne pasta thingie instead.


looks yummy huh? but it was okay. maybe because it was cold by the time i got it, but it was nothing special. and certainly not worth the $12 it cost! when i was told the price, my jaw dropped. it wasn’t *that* good! and the quantity was small (what’s in the picture is what i got–i hadn’t taken a bite yet, just moved it over a bit to make room for the bread, which was a separate order!), compared to what i would’ve thought $12 could’ve bought me for a lunch plate. so i’m not really impressed. so although that mushroom ravioli was good, i don’t know if i’d want to try again with the cost of the food! this may sound big-headed of me, but i could probably spend half as much and make something that tastes better myself!

maybe i’m just being a cheapskate. other people will very willingly spend over $100 on a meal, if it’s worth it. i don’t know. i know i won’t ever be able to wear (or afford) their designer clothes, so i guess their designer pasta is not my style, either. :/


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