carryout for illiteracy

so much for working as a literacy resource person.

i can’t read for beans. well, i can read, as in decode. but my comprehension is really bad. sometimes when i read things, i have to read them over and over and over. i’m that dense. it can take me a half an hour to read and comprehend something that someone else can read in 10 minutes. i’m really bad at it.

i’ve always struggled with this, i think. i can remember doing my worse on the reading comprehension sections of all those standardized tests we used to have to take. i can read something fine and dandy, and then when asked, “okay, tell me what you just read,” i’ll draw a total blank. i hated questions that needed you to infer the answer. i’m so bad at interpretation. i did well on recalling details, but ask me what the overall theme was of the story? no clue.


i saw a poster that says 2 p’zones and a big $7.99. oooh, what a deal, i thought. i know the commercial said it was huge, but i thought it was a typical advertisement filled with hyperboles to get you interested in the product, even though you know it’s an overstatement. so while i remember the guys holding this huge thing, i honestly didn’t think it was *that* big. i thought maybe it’d be the size of sandwich, and so thought that 2 for $7.99 would be reasonable, and that’d be a deal for me and my son.

well, it was $7.99 EACH. grrrr. lucky i just happened to have enough money.

but the things were huge. both my son and i ate only half of our p’zone. so i guess i could see spending $7.99 for each one. oh well, we have lunch for tomorrow. 🙂

it wasn’t very good, so i don’t think we’ll be ordering it again. or, at least, i guess i like my sauce. there’s no sauce in there, though it does come with a small cup of marinara sauce. it was weird because there were these signs saying how they aren’t serving any tomatoes–all diced and sliced tomatoes were out. ummm, isn’t marinara sauce made out of tomatoes? is that why there was no pizza sauce in the p’zone? or is there not supposed to be anyway? again, i probably misread the description of a p’zone, which is totally something i would do.

funny that pizza hut is known for its “carryout for literacy” program, and here i am, totally failing it that very purpose! argharghargh.


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