soup and sandwich

i like safeway’s deli section. although they often ignore you while you’re standing there waiting with a wagon full of frozen food, the sandwiches are good enough to tolerate that. it’s a treat i give myself when doing the dreaded grocery shopping just because i can lump them all together when paying, and not have to carry cash for it (which i rarely have).

i used to always get the chicago south sider. it was roast beef with horseradish sauce. YUM. everytime we would go on our weekly grocery trip to safeway, i’d always have to get a chicago south sider. i would almost look forward to grocery shopping just so i could get a chicago south sider. however, they recently introduced a new sandwich: the pub.

the pub

i know i’m a crappy photographer, but if you kinda squint and imagine that the sandwich is roast beef with carmelized onions and bleu cheese sprinkles, you can see what it looks like in that picture. :/ but yum–bleu cheese! it almost reminds me of the black ‘n’ blue salad at quizno’s, which is black angus steak and bleu cheese on a salad–heavenly!!! anyway, this is all on a crinkly bread (i don’t remember the name of it), and i really like it.

my son usually gets the paninis, which are good, too–especially the philly cheesesteak panini. he usually gets the three cheese one, which is pretty good, as well. however, today they were out of paninis. so he had to choose a sandwich, and if there’s one thing that boy inherited from me, it’s my indecisiveness. we stood away from the counter so that he could make his choice without feeling rushed. usually it took a while, even when you *are* standing at the counter, for the workers to get to you–they’re always off on the other end of the deli and though they call out to you, “i’ll be with you in a minute!” they usually take ten minutes before they get over to your side (and like i said, usually i have frozen food in the wagon!). but today, i made sure we were standing away from the counter so he could make his decision on his sandwich, when all of a sudden, the worker showed up and asked us what we wanted. so i figure, i better just step up and order before she walks away and then i don’t see her for another fifteen minutes. so i order my sandwich–the pub. she sets about making it and then asks if i would like a meal deal with it ($1.50 more for a drink and chips/fruit/salad). i told her no, but i want one for his (gesturing to my son) sandwich. she nodded and then went about finishing my sandwich. by then my son had made up his mind on what he wanted: ham and american cheese on rustic italian bread. she was wrapped up my sandwich and handed it to me, then started to walk away, taking off her gloves, asking, “anything else?” “umm, yes,” i replied. “could i also get a 6-inch ham and cheese sandwich on rustic italian bread?” she stopped and was like, “oh.” she gave me a look as she went to get new gloves again. i was thinking, didn’t i tell her i was going to order another one for him, that one with a meal? so she repeats exactly what i said (“six-inch ham and american cheese on rustic italian”), and then asked, “and what type of bread?” i looked at her and repeated “rustic italian bread.” “oh yeah,” she said, going to get the bread. i gave her a pass. i have those types of days, too–practically everyday.

so she starts to make his sandwich. i guess i’m used to subway where they ask you every step of the way what you want (i’ve never ordered a make-your-own sandwich from them–i always got one of their special sandwiches). without asking, she spreads on the mayo, and then reaches for the mustard. so i tell her, “no mustard!” she repeated, “no mustard?” and continues to try and squeeze the mustard on the bread. so i tell her again, “no, no mustard…please. what you have is fine, now.” so then she realizes she had the mustard bottle in her hand and was like, “oh!” so i laughed, knowing i would probably do something like that, too. so she spreads more mayo on the other side, then slides the bread over to the veggies and asks, “all the veggies?” so i say, “no, just the pickles.” she repeats, “just pickles.” then she layers the bread with lettuce and starts reaching for the onions. “no, just pickles!” i remind her. “no need the onions.” (actually, no need the lettuce, either, but she’d already laid it down on the mayo bread.) so she said, “just lettuce and pickles? no other veggies?” and i said, “yes, that’s all.” and gestured over to the boy with a shrug. she laughs and piles the pickles on high on the sandwich.

she then puts the other bread on top, and walks with the sandwich to the back where they start to wrap the sandwich. now there was another girl there working on the sandwich for the guy behind me, so i wasn’t sure if she was just moving out of the way, or she was going to wrap the sandwich. my son was all, “what about the cheese?” i looked over, and she was indeed wrapping the sandwich!

so i called over to her, “excuse me!” she keeps wrapping the sandwich. i call louder, and she turns to look at me. “i’m sorry,” i tell her, “did you add the ham and cheese?” “OH!” she says.

she brings the sandwich back to the counter. “ham and american cheese, sorry,” i tell her. “okay,” she says. “what kind of cheese?” “american,” i answer her, patiently. she repeats, “american,” as she reaches for the white cheese with the holes which i’ve always known to be called swiss. “american,” i say, louder. “yes, yes,” she said, putting down the swiss cheese. “both sides?” i look at my son, and he shakes his head, so i say, “no, just the one–” but she is already putting it down on both sides. i sigh.

she then takes the sandwich back to the wrapping section. “excuse me!” i call again, all embarrassed. “did you put ham?” i know i didn’t see her put any ham, but she called back, “yes, yes.” i didn’t want to make her mad by saying, “are you sure???” so i just repeated, “ham and american cheese?” and she repeats, “ham and american cheese.” she then hands me back the wrapped sandwich and walks away–she didn’t even ask me if i wanted anything else! she just walked away. and she had forgotten the meal deal sticker! so i had to attract the attention of another worker (the girl who was helping the one behind me) and ask for the meal deal sticker. “sure!” she chirped, printing out a sticker and giving it to me. but then she walked away, too! so i had to reach over the counter and grab my own cup.

as my son was filling up his drink, i went to the soup station. they had clam chowder today! woohoo! i filled up a cup, and then we went to go pay for our groceries.

as we left the store, it started to pour really hard! we ran to the car, and i got totally soaked just loading the groceries in the car. so, boy, did the hot clam chowder taste so yummy! mmmm…much better than the zippy’s one.

clam chowder

my son opened up his sandwich and ate it. despite the worker’s assurances, there was no ham in it. luckily, he didn’t notice it was just a huge pickle-and-cheese sandwich. ewww.

i think next time we’ll just get the premade sandwiches! 😛 even if we have to wait 20 minutes while the ice cream melts 😉


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