my sister and i stared at the hunk that lay before us.

we had no idea what to do with it. it was lovely, almost like a work of art. we watched the perspiration dot its surface, and i licked my parched lips. “gosh, it’s hot in here!” my sister remarked, as she prodded it with her finger. she sighed and turned to me. “what do you think?” she asked. “i just want to massage it with oil or something!”

“mmmmm,” i drooled. i gazed at that slab of meat. it was so gorgeous, and it was cut real thick. bright red and rippled with fat, springy to the touch–oh, the possibilities!

“well, i think the most logical thing is to do a roast,” i said.

“yes,” agreed my sister. “but the oven heats up the whole house, and it is so hot today!”

“rotisserie?” i suggested.

“i don’t know where the spindle is,” she said, sheepishly.

“crock pot?” i offered.

“my crock pot died on me last month. i still have to get a new one,” she explained.

we both stared at it. we just couldn’t let that hunk go to waste! “i know!” my sister exclaimed. “pot roast! on the stovetop!”

she decided to search online for recipes of pot roast. but all of the recipes she found required either starting or finishing it in the oven. we didn’t want to use the oven! i told her to look at crockpot recipes, because you can always convert it to stovetop by decreasing the number of hours, but then we couldn’t agree if that meant you needed more liquid, or less. she was also determined to find a recipe with red wine in it since she had a bottle that she wanted to use up, but she was getting nothing. she decided to give up looking for a recipe and just “wing it.”

“are you sure?” i asked. “that’s such a beautiful piece of meat; you don’t want it to go to waste.”

“i think i know how i can do it,” she said. “i’ll brown the meat, then throw it in the pot with the red wine and stuff, and let it cook for two hours, then turn it over and cook it for another two hours. then we can throw the veggies in and let it go for another half hour.”

i looked at the time–it was nearly 3. that means it wouldn’t be ready until after 7? i am used to eating dinner by 5:30! yikes. that was going to be difficult. but i suppose with a chunk of meat that huge, it would’ve had to cook a long time. and i was willing to wait, just to have that tender strip touch my lips.

so my sister took out the olive oil and drizzled it all over the meat, and she started browning it while i tried to fix their computer (darn pcs! they always seem to be breaking down, and they are so hard to fix!). “oh!” i heard her shriek.

“what happened?” i asked, rushing into the kitchen.

“i forgot to dredge it in flour and sprinkle on the salt and pepper!”

i rolled my eyes. my sister, ever the dramatist. “see what you get when you’re so obsessed with oiling it?” i teased, going back to the cursed computer.

i could hear the sizzle of the meat as it touched the hot surface of the skillet, and my mouth instantly began to water. i’m such a pavlovian puppy, i swear. the charred smell of browned beef wafted through the air, and the dog perked its ears up and lifted his snout into the air, sniffing. “i know,” i tell him. “yummm!”

after a while, my sister came back and stood in front of the fan, trying to cool herself off from all the heat in the kitchen, then screeched again. “the red wine!” she shouted, running back into the kitchen. “i forgot the red wine!”

i laughed. i tried to get her to forget the red wine, that we didn’t need it. but she insisted. she had to use it all up before it went bad. i told her it’s wine, it can’t go bad. (but then, what do i know about wine? heeheehee) we argued a bit about the red wine going in before i acquiesced. “you won’t even be able to *taste* it,” she promised, as i hear her emptying the whole bottle into the pot.

finally, she came back and plopped down on the couch. “2 hours!” she announced, setting the alarm.

“that’s all?” i asked.

“well, 2 hours until i turn it over,” she explained.


two hours later, she was turning the roast over, and i was still on that infernal computer. i was ready to set it on fire! honestly! why do people like these things? ugh! i gave up and decided to help do the veggies. i kept bringing out more and more potatoes to peel, and my sister kept asking me, “are you sure? that’s a lot of potatoes!”

“i love potatoes,” i tell her. “plenty, plenty potatoes, please!”

she shrugged and said, “whatever!” so i filled up that pot good with lots of cubed potatoes. yum!

i then decided to peruse through my sister’s recipe books. nothing like igniting the fire within to bake some goodies! i took out a pen and feverishly began writing down recipes i wanted to try.

before long, my sister called out, “it’s ready!” i turned and looked at the clock–wow, it was after 7! i had become so engulfed in the recipes that i didn’t even realize the time burning away like that. yay!

i SO could not be a food photographer

the pot roast was delicious, if not a bit too wine-y. *glaring at sister* the meat shredded really easily, the gravy made with the browned bits left in the pan was tasty, and of course, the potatoes were wonderful 😛 (notice a plate full of only potatoes and no other veggies in the pic above *blush*) all i thought was missing from this wonderful warmth of a meal was a nice, cool root beer! too bad i don’t drink soda any more. 😦

all i need now to end this scorching day is to have a nice, cold shower to help cool things down a bit–before engaging in the warmth of lovely embrace from a cozy, comfy cup of hot chocolate! 😛


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  1. mitchell Said:

    What a naughty post.

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