buttery, sour creamy goodness

i have been reading a blog of someone who is posting a crockpot recipe every day, and i’ve been trying to get ideas to do once work starts again (plus, she’s hilarious! i’ve been cracking up all day just reading her blog!). the crockpot is so handy when you leave at 6am and don’t return until almost 6pm, and then have to cook something for dinner. plus, it makes the house smell so good when you step in after a long, tiring day.

well, i saw a post about garlic baked potatoes. how awesome-sounding is that?!?! i got totally inspired to go out and make my own!

er, well, at least take my lazy self over to wendy’s to get a baked potato. yes, yes, yes, i’m lazy bones lia jones, but, hey, it’s only $1!

baked potato

(sorry, i tried to make a pretty design with the sour cream but i failed miserably.)




  1. kreeesty Said:

    ooh, crockpot recipes. please please post the link to that blog!

  2. Lia Said:

    you can click on the bolded word “blog” above or go here:

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