easy dinner

i love that my son can read. i probably taught him to read specifically for occasions such as this! 🙂

i was in pain. i had spent the morning moving furniture in my classroom. yes, that time of year again. after struggling to move it all to one side of the room so the custodians can wax the floors, it was time to push it all back into place. last time i did this, i got severe chest pains. this time, i got severe back pains!

i was so sore. what’s worse, is i had to park far away, and i had to walk quite a bit to get home. by the time i got to my bedroom, i just flopped on the bed and vowed not to move at all.

until i had to go to the bathroom.

ugh. i couldn’t move. but i *really* had to go–i had drunk a lot of water throughout the day because it was so hot plus i was moving stuff! and now that i was comfy? ugh. it took me five minutes to walk the simple 20 steps to the bathroom. i was gasping in pain the whole time, holding on to the wall, wincing with each step i took. it was sooooo sore. when i finally got back to bed, i slathered my back with muscle rub lotion, faced my back to the fan (so that i could feel the *burn*), and tried to take my mind off the pain with a good book.

then i got hungry.

my son had been hearing me whimper and moan in pain the whole time, and he would check up on me every now and then. when he came to ask me how i was, i told him i was starving, but too sore to go and get dinner. but! there were some microwave dinners in the freezer–could he perhaps make me one?

he looked at me and said, “okay, but i don’t know how?”

i asked, “well, do you know how to read?”

that, of course, make him angry (don’t ever question his scholastic aptitude). “yes!!!” he said, incredulously. “i can do it!”

so he made me a meatloaf dinner. 🙂


pretty good, considering he did it all by himself 🙂 gosh, i’m really earning my nickname of “lazy bones.” but a cunning lazy bones! i’m now trying to figure out what else he can do around here where i can use my challenging of his reading skills to get him to do it! 😛

bad mommy!


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