gotta catch 'em all!

i was on the road for most of the day today so i thought i’d get a quick bite to eat and saw a burger king and then thought, ooo, i’ll just get a cheeseburger.

but as i drove up to the drive-through, what was on the board that totally caught my eye??!?!


my gosh, you could hear my squeal from a mile away. i was soooooo excited.

instead of getting just a cheeseburger, i got the kids’ meal. it reminded me of when they were first giving out the pokemon toys … gosh, it must be 10 years ago. we would go every day, to like 2 or 3 different burger kings, just so we can collect the different toys (for my nephew!!! seriously. i was getting them for my nephew–i gave him all of them. i only kept it if it was one of my favorites. or if it was cool.) we even went to those trade shows where you could trade pokemon for ones you needed, just so my nephew could have the whole set.

my son just recently discovered pokemon, so my mom dug out all the pokemon toys my nephew no longer plays with (now that he’s 13). so my son’s been playing with them, and it brought back memories between me and my sisters about what we would do to get all those toys. and now this!!! my gosh, we gotta go make the rounds again! 😉

oh, yeah. food. so after i went to pick up my son, i went back to burger king (a different one) to surprise him with a pokemon toy. 😀 so i got a whopper (minus mayo) and some cheesy tots, while he got a kids’ meal so he could get another toy.


but these were the highlights: 😀

manaphy turtwig


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