was supposed to post this yesterday but because this version of wordpress is too old to work with the iphone app, i couldn’t. so i’m using it for today 😛

i got a whole box full of these round saimin noodle balls from kaua’i. i really don’t know what to do with them. i boiled a couple of them, and the water was just so thick and sludgy from the flour coating of the noodles. i dumped out the water and filled it up again about 3 times (it reminded me of tripe!) but the water was still very thick. the noodles were decent, though. and without the salty soup base, it was actually better than regular s&s or okahara saimin. i guess because it was fresh, although i’m sure the other two would taste the same if i didn’t use the soup base for it. i’ve still got about a dozen more balls left and am trying to figure out what to do with them. since i’m not too creative, we’ll probably just keep boiling them and eating them as saimin, which actually, i don’t mind. i’ll just have to get some green onion and eggs, and maybe some luncheon meat or kamaboko. mmm, haven’t had kamaboko in a while…



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