two hours

I have two hours to kill. two whole hours. what I’d give to be able to snip these two hours and put them somewhere else like on a sunday night or something. it’s just a waste right now.

I wouldn’t have this problem if not for the guard. the first week and then last week, the guard was this nice, jolly old man who let me park in the driveway. the other times? there was a grumpy guard who chased me out of the driveway, saying I was disrupting the flow of traffic. even though the parking spaces are marked and out of the way of the “flow of traffic”.

anyway I noticed grumpy guard is on patrol today so now I’ve got 2 hours to kill. at least last week I left my car and was able to go walking. I can’t do that now as there’s nowhere to leave my car without having to pay for parking. whereas the other weeks grumpy guard was there, I had places to go (walmart, pet store, dr, craft fair), this week? nothing. hmmm. what to do?

I guess first thing is to find somewhere to eat. I’m starving. I was so tired last night I went to bed without dinner. oh but first I need to find a bank.

okay at the bank there were 4 stalls marked “for ATM customers only. enforced 24 hours.” all four stalls were taken. guess how many people were at the ATM machines? if I didn’t know how to count, I could tell you. absolutely nobody! so much for rules being enforced for 24 hours! anyway was able to stop at jitb and get a Denver bowl. I am now sitting in a metered stall but it’s pretty empty here so I’ll just wait here a while and eat my breakfast.

oh yuck is this mayonaisse on here?!?! gross! or is that cheese? I have to admit that once I got an ultimate cheeseburger that had gobs of white stuff that I couldn’t tell if it was mayo or cheese. I had a sore tummy after and I didn’t know if it was because that white thing was cheese or if I made myself sick thinking it was mayonaisse. hmmm the person parked in the handivan across the street keeps giving me the eye. I know I’m taking up a parking stall without paying for it but so is he! grrrr fine I’ll move.

score! found a parking stall with no meter. yay! now to enjoy breakfast in peace.

it just dawned on me I couldve parked in jitb and gone and eat inside. phooey. oh well.

I think this white stuff is mayo. hot mayo. ick. or maybe it is cheese. because why would one put mayo on eggs? though my dad used to put ketchup on his eggs so maybe people put mayo. but ewww it’s hot. better go with it being cheese.

the only thing wrong with this parking stall is that it’s on a busy one way street and lots of people are walking by. so whether it’s a car beside me waiting in traffic or a person walking by with his dog, they can see me sitting here stuffing my face! not too good. oh well, it’s free!

what I also just noticed is that there’s a huge telephone pole right where my back door is. hmm maybe that’s why this stall was open even though the rest were all taken–people in the back seat wouldn’t be able to open their door to come out!

the sky is gray today but that’s okay. it’s nice and cool for us people sitting in the car. which by my account is … just one. me.

darn I forgot I used the rubber band I usually keep in the car and forgot to replace it. my hair is pretty funky. oh my gosh just looked in the mirror and saw I still have remnants of makeup on my face from yesterday. I scrubbed so hard last night I hurt myself. but it’s still there. ugh. sunlight sure does let you see a whole lot! I often think I’m matching then I step out into the sun and it’s a whole different story.

okay my o key is really making me mad. no I don’t want to type “fir” and “while” and “if” and “gish”! stop it!

oooooh my whole left side just spasmed. I knew I should’ve ordered a salad!

I never wear makeup. but I put a little on and boy do I look different. several of my colleagues told me they almost didn’t recognize me. my own sister didn’t! some of my kids just stared. they couldn’t do their work–they just kept looking at me and blinking their eyes. I felt like miss viola swamp.

oh that was just the cutest dOg (not dig! darn o! and not darn I either! grrr). anyway the cutest dog just went by. I so want to get a dog again. I just have no time for one. someone at school was selling bichOn frises and gosh they were the cutest things! (is cutest not a word? it keeps trying to autocorrect it to cutesy.) but aside from the price tag I wouldn’t be able to give a puppy the time and attention it needs. if I ever get the luxury of being able to stay home and not work, I’m getting a dog! or maybe two dogs. I’d like a small one and a large one. a friend of mine has like 4 rotties. they’re so adorable and 3 of them are so loving! the 4th one is a little rough but. I’d be scared to have him around children.

lots of people walking by. I guess with the traffic and no parking and high gas there’s no choice.

it’s funny that a lot of people are looking in the cars they pass and then see me and quickly look away. I wonder what they’re thinking? do they think I’m homeless, living in my car? or do they really know I’m such a sad loser to be in my car because I don’t know what to do fOr two hours? probably the latter.

speaking of which I’ve only got 20 minutes to go! whoopee!

oooh another weird spasm.

if I died in my car would anyone notice? or would they think I was just sleeping?

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. but I don’t know who to talk to about it because I don’t want to freak anyone out.

heeee the lady walking by just gave me the strangest look. she had a beautiful collie though.

ugh. another one.

what I should do is sit on that bench and read a book. but there’s so many people walking by handing out flyers and stuff that I think it’s safer hanging out in the car.

oooo there’s some blue peeking through. it is starting to get hot.

I think I’ll end this and start driving back. if I get chased away I’ll just drive around a few more blocks. will probably erase this later but at least I have something up fOr now until I have time later to write something with more of a point. 😛


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