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whoops, forgot my thanks.

last night and into this morning, i had three separate dreams that we missed the bus in the morning. THREE. can you believe it? what is my mind trying to tell me?

we got to the bus stop 15 minutes early today.

thanks, subconscious mind, for giving me the kick i needed to start off this full week after a bunch of 4-day work weeks and holidays that was making me want to drag. november does that to you!


did it


yay! this time was much easier than last year, when i nagged and whined my way through it. this year, i just thought of it as twitter–hey, twitter’s a miniblog, right? so i just put my twitter thoughts here instead of on twitter, where no one cares anyway! (that whole thing with “if you twittered in a forest, would anyone read it?” dealie? even if i twittered in broad daylight in front of a million people, no one would read it! 😛 ) well, not saying that anyone cares here, either, but at least it feels like my space. it was a bit of a cheaty way to get through the month, but then again, no one seems to notice if it’s a mini blogging thing or if it’s full of content. and my life just isn’t interesting enough to be a full of content. 😛

in fact that reminds me to edit down the other november posts to twitter-sized chunks. hmmm. though the first one was just a collection of tweets, all in one post. it would’ve been annoying to read them all as separate posts. well, maybe i’ll find one that really caught the gist of the day, and then delete the rest.

anyway, still trying to think if i’m going to continue twitter posts on here…december’s theme is “thanks” and i can post a thankful tweet every day. hee! watch me give up in a week or so… 😛