mult'umesc foarte mult

I feel drained today…DRAINED! they took four vials of blood from me this morning. FOUR! ohhhh I’m sooooooo weak…I’m faaaaaadinnnnnnng…
oh my gosh. i came back on to edit. i’m just feeling soooo weak right now. it’s weird. i’ve had blood tests before, but they usually only take a vial or two of blood, and that’s it. but this morning, they took *four.* actually, it might’ve been five. i just remember sitting there, thinking, what the heck? as she put on another vial…and then another…and then another…and maybe it’s affecting me mentally and i’m making myself feel like this, but i’m feeling seriously very weak and my heart beat seems off and i feel this light feeling in my chest, almost like bubbles or something…sooooo weird. it said it takes 24 hours for the body to replace the fluid lost, so we’ll see. i didn’t know that and didn’t have a thing to drink all day, so maybe that’s adding to it. or maybe it’s just my *mind* adding to it, knowing i didn’t drink and that i was supposed to so now i’m all anxious and it’s making me feel this way. i don’t know. and did you also know it takes 6-8 weeks for the body to replace the blood cells lost from that? seriously? did they really have to take that much blood from me? i know the dr ordered tons and tons of blood tests, but seriously? how much of my precious blood is going to waste? don’t they just need a drop of blood to do a test? how many drops are in 4 vials?!?! how much of the blood is going to go to waste?!?!? and how good is blood once it leaves your body? and how hard my poor body is working now to replace the lost blood? is that why i’m feeling so light-chested? i really don’t like this feeling. it’s kinda scary. i’m going to drink water and close my eyes and hope that i wake up tomorrow feeling better…or at all. *yikes*

well, from the language of another blood drainer, mult’umesc foarte mult, my body, for all your hard work to replenish what they so cruelly took from me this morning 😦 mult’umesc.


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