oh my goodness.

i am spending way too much time on the computer. it’s infiltrating my dreams!

i dreamt i was iming with someone who had just come back from his dinner “date” and we were arguing whether or not i should have been there, when suddenly i heard the doorknob jiggle and what sounded like keys being inserted. i quickly typed “ack, i hear someone opening the door!” and then i heard the door open and someone come inside! i started to panic as i saw this hulking shadow come down the hallway and i tried to scream but i was too scared and i looked around but there was nowhere to hide–i had already been spotted. but then as the figure came closer, i saw it was just my son, who was supposed to be sleeping over at his grandma’s, but he had his blanket around him (thus making him look like the hulking figure), and he was running towards me, because he was crying. the feeling of relief was so palpable that it wasn’t some stranger! but then i took him into my arms and consoled him–what happened? why are you crying? how did you get here? etc.

but i never got an answer, because i woke up. my heart was still beating ferociously! that was one scary part, when i thought someone was entering the house, because it just felt so real–i definitely would be having that conversation with that person in real life, so it just felt so … gosh, and then to have that scare of someone coming in? eeks!

then i went back to sleep…and guess what? i had a dream of visiting someone’s house, and i noticed on that person’s computer that thesixtyone was on, and that the number of visitors was 8006!!! and i squealed and said can i log on? i need to get my mosh pit badge!!!

what the heck?!??!?!?!!?

i think i need to stay away from the computer for a while. um. especially since i realized, that right when i woke up, i turned on the computer to write about my dreams!!! 😳

miigwech to the imagination that keeps the blood pumping!


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