another dr’s appt today, and this time with a specialist, so i was a bit nervous. what new ailment would they find this time? but you know what? the rn at the office was soooo funny that i soon forgot my nervousness. she made me laugh so much. she said she thought i was a lawyer, but when i told her i was a teacher, she said “oh that’s way better than a lawyer!” then when she found out what grade i taught she cooed and praised me for working with “the babies” and teaching them their native language. she then made absolutely sure that everyone else treated me well! she really put me at ease, and at the same time, she made me proud of what i do, even though she has never seen me teach and probably would not have the same words if it were *her* kids in my class 😉 but i left there feeling soooo nice. and then, because i had to get some extra tests and labwork done, she actually took the time out to *write* the instructions of where to go (most people are like “take a left, left, then right, then left past the kiosk, then left, then …” while meanwhile i’m trying desperately to visualize it all in my mind) and when i did show up there, the people *there* treated me so nicely, too! it kinda made me nervous, actually, because i was wondering, why are all these people treating me so nicely? am i about to die?!?! ahhh…what the world has come to, when someone doing something nice makes me think i’m dying. but with the rudeness and gruffiness of people and workers i’ve encountered these past few weeks?!? that’s honestly what i thought. even the technicians who ran the tests were sooo nice, and chatty. they really made sure i was taken care of, and made sure i had enough validation and made sure i knew what was going on. i felt special. and i’ve read in the past few weeks in my twitterstream about how people at this hospital were *not* friendly, so that made me feel even more special that these people were friendly to me! heeheehee. maybe they were just happy it’s almost christmas, and i can understand that. i’m sure i was very pleasant the last few days before break 😀

anyway, malo to neesi who just really started off the afternoon on a great note, making me crack up throughout her checking me in, and really boosting my confidence a bit. i really needed to hear that! really. malo ho’omou tokoni! and have a happy holiday season 🙂


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