hauʻoli makahiki hou

hauʻoli makahiki hou. akemashite omedetoo. feliz año nuevo. bonne anne. and umm…that’s about all i know! 😛

but i really, really, really enjoyed doing december’s theme of thanks. i loved looking up the different languages and trying to figure out how to say “thank you.” LOVED it. gosh i need a challenge like that to keep me going. some of them were hard! i was like, what language do i do today? but each language i chose (because i did find a web page with 452 of them 😛 ) had something to tie in to that day, so that was like an added puzzle for me! 🙂 but i seriously enjoyed learning languages, from aramaic to binary 😛 plus learning little facts like where the “happiest place” is to where psychiatry was first practiced. that was so much fun. won’t someone please create me a job like this somewhere? 😀

this month’s theme is change. i really need a change, but i don’t know that i could write 31 days of it! 😀 well, i probably could. i know i do have more than 31 things to change about me. but seriously, does anyone care? like i wrote before, if no one cares, then i don’t want to do it. 😛 might just continue up the meme site until another theme will challenge me as much as this one did and will be fun for me to write about that i won’t care that no one reads it! 😀

but anyway, for december … ua pau. and hope the year brings great things to everyone out there.


thank you.


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