I used to love writing. In fact, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write and illustrate kids’ books. I even wrote a few choose-your-own-adventure type books when I was younger, and I was really into them. I would spend hours on the Apple IIe, sitting there and composing stories on the spot (in addition to playing many games *blush*), and then I’d print them out on the dot matrix printer and let my friends read them. I’d get feedback, then revise the stories, and then chunk them into pages, print them out, and illustrate them. Our ATLA class even went to a book publishing place and learned how the books were made, so ever since then, I would stitch my books together and make the cardboard covers and everything! Gosh, that was so much fun.

Lately, though, I haven’t been writing as much as I’d love to. Then whenever I did, I felt like it wasn’t good enough. I seem to be lacking in areas, and I tried to see what it was. I did an experiment a few months ago–I wrote for 3 months, every single day, on a separate, anonymous blog, not connected or featured on anything, just to see if I could gain an audience just through my words. I didn’t. 😀 Every day I’d log on to post, and I’d see the chart with the straight line “0 views” and feel disheartened, but kept on posting, anyway. I just wanted to keep writing, to try and fight to keep that love and desire I once had.

Then, just as that was wrapping up, I took a writing institute class. OH MY GOSH. I LOVED it. It made me hungry to write again. But, as usual, work got in the way. Now, it’ll still be a challenge, but I decided to try and complete NaBloPoMo again this year. And I’m going to be ambitious and update my 3 (+1) sites! EEPS! But I’m hoping this month won’t be as crazy as last month, and with my conferences wrapping up this coming week, I should … heh, “should” … have more time. I was even flirting with the thought of going for NaNoWriMo, too. hmmm…perhaps. So yes, I’m crazy, but I’m trying hard to rekindle the great love affair I had with writing. We’ll see if I’m just as in love with it at the end of the month, though! 😛



thank you, Tracey, for the badge. 🙂

and yes, that means I’m flooding the hawaiistories “recently on…” area again. I apologize profusely for that. Only for 30 days! Bear with me 🙂


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