obsessed ♥

for the past few hours i’ve been doing nothing but watch a certain someone on youtube. of course, i could’ve — should’ve — been writing, but no…just watching this person over and over and over … *sigh*

he’s adorable. he’s funny. he’s witty. he’s quite knowledgeable. he’s self-deprecating. he’s got a cool accent. *sigh* he’s also older than me, but not by much, yet i think of him as more my father’s age. i guess that’s part of me not seeming like i’m older, and part because he seems like a goofy, but caring person. he even cares about fish and octopuses! how can you not like that? plus if you’re feeling down he tries to make you laugh with puppets? aw man. heart’s melting. 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥


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