same old song

i’ve got this song stuck in my head, thanks to my sister, who loves this song and played it over and over this weekend. but when listening to the lyrics, i thought, hey, this was the same sorta song i used to listen to back when i was a teen. i was kinda surprised to find that that same feeling of seeing the person you are in love with being mistreated by his girlfriend and think, gosh, why doesn’t he drop her and go with me? i’d never treat him like that! but i guess it must be a prevalent feeling, no matter how many years have gone by. that longing for someone who is already taken (and even worse, not treated nicely!) is something i knew about a lot in my teen years! and i guess it doesn’t only strike teens, as there are adults who are messing around with each other even though they’re married to other people. adults who are only attracted to people who are married, and not attracted at all to people who are single, are not uncommon. there’s always that thing where married people seem more attractive, as was recently discussed between craig ferguson and mo’nique. i just can’t see it. i mean, yeah, i’ve sat there, longing to be someone that he’s holding, instead of his current squeeze, but i’d never *act* on it, you know? and never when i’m already with someone! i guess it strikes a chord with me because it’s happened with my own parents, and with every single long-term relationship i’ve been in. i mean, at first people tell you “it’s not your fault.” but when it happens again and again? and AGAIN? i mean…come on. that’s all me. i’m doing something to drive my guys into another girl’s arms. it’s not that they are always longing to be with someone else. it must be something i’m doing, right? even if it’s not being able to tell that type of person from another? it makes me wonder if there are such things as the “one and only.” i really, really, really would like to think that there is. i hope with all my might that that’s true. but come on, i have to be realistic. those that do find theirs (and i know a couple who has been married 50+ years, and still happily so) are so extremely lucky. and i wonder why i can’t be like that. when can i get lucky like that? when can i find my one and only who i’m not going to be scared will run off with another girl just as soon as i’ve given everything? why can’t some of that luck rub off on me?

no, i think most people never do find their one and only. and they go through person after person after person (or even all at the same time), trying desperately to find their soul mate. some people just stick through relationships when they don’t have the same feelings as they once did. only a very select few do find the one they belong with, and are with them until the end of time. happily ever after. *sigh*

anyway, wow. didn’t think i’d go there! i just thought as the song went over and over in my mind all day today that wow, the sentiments are exactly the same 20 years ago! we had songs like “should’ve been me” with tiffany to “save the best for last” with vanessa williams. and i’m sure there’s tons more that i can’t think of right now, but when i do, i’ll probably come back and add it! 🙂 but now we can add taylor swift’s song, and know that some little teenybopper out there is experiencing that same longing and hurt as i did 20 years ago. wow.

oh. and it NEVER ends like how it ends in the video. bleah. they ruined it. 😦


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