man. my hair is driving me crazy. i can seriously sit for two hours just peeling split ends apart. i know that’s not good to do, but i can’t stand seeing them. i don’t like that my hair feels so thin. i’m paranoid that it’s falling out because it’s too heavy. i used to be able to make thick braids with my hair but now my braids are like half the size they used to be (evidenced by rubber bands before only going twice around my hair, to now being able to go 4-5 times around it 😕 ). i feel like my hair is so straggly. i feel part of it is age. maybe i should get a short cut that can be puffed out to look fuller since i’m probably balding. after all, how many older women have long hair? they all have short cuts. only teens really keep their hair long, don’t they? one of my colleagues who just graduated from college had hair about halfway down her back and just showed up after this past weekend with a very short do, where the hair on the back of her head is actually shorter than the ones at the front of her head–like victoria beckham‘s. but everyone was telling her how classy she looks, and it’s true–she looks grown up, not fresh out of college. is that what i need? i mean, i don’t think anyone thinks i’m right of out college, but maybe i need to look more sophisticated. another colleague had hair just past her shoulders, and she got a short chin-length bob. everyone is just raving about it. i know i can’t carry either look off, but i’m thinking maybe a short, layered look? i did the joan jett look when i was in intermediate (and got criticized for it). but maybe that’ll work now that i’m older. or maybe all i need is just a healthy trim to get rid of the split ends, so it doesn’t seem so scraggly? a good two or three inch trim? or just chop it all off? i have no idea what to do, but i think i better decide before the ends just drive me crazy that i just chop everything off and then i regret that rash decision later.

argh. i hate being so indecisive.

oh, and it took me two hours to compose this post … why? because i kept stopping to peel darn split ends!!!!! 😡 grrrr.


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