don't get it

in a few hours, hundreds of people (and almost assuredly most are women) will finally get to see that movie they have been waiting forever for … the sequel to twilight. i honestly don’t get it. everyone at work raved and raved about twilight. of the seven on my grade level, six were heavily into it, turning every single meeting into an in-depth discussion about it, and i’d be sitting there, rolling my eyes. others were also very into it, raving about twilight gifts they got, and really, i had no idea what they were talking about at first. i was thinking it was people liking starry stuff. when someone raved about a twilight pillow she got as a gift, i was thinking of a midnight-blue pillow with silver glitter sprinkles on it. it wasn’t until my grade level talked incessantly about it that i realized oh. it’s a movie. or a book series, actually. that might’ve been good, turning them all into voracious readers of the series. it’s funny because it ranged from someone on the verge of retirement to the youngest who was just out of college. yet they were all connected by this series. maybe i was a bit jealous that i was not included in their discussions, but i kept thinking … seriously? what is it that i’m not getting about it? am i that jaded that i don’t believe all this “love you forever” type of stuff? could be. but what makes all these other women–both my sisters, my niece, and all my girl cousins included–so taken by these characters? why does this fantasy get them all wrapped up into it and get all squeeeeeeee about it and wanting to go stand in line at ward 6 hours before the movie even shows? because seriously? it squicks me out. vampires? eeeesh. i don’t care how handsome edward is (and he is) but just that whole business about vampires … i just don’t see it. i don’t want to be romanced by a vampire! that’s just too … ick. i just … i just don’t see it. i mean, i fantasize a lot. it’s not that i’m against love, because i’m not. i may be more of a realist about it, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of a knight in shining armor coming to sweep me off my feet and save me from my hellish life. i swoon about guys as much as the next girl. i would hope one day i find true, everlasting love. i want that just as much as anyone else. but .. with a vampire? i mean, what is the appeal that i’m just not getting? what is this that makes me feel like i need to give up my membership card? (again. heh.)

what am i missing?


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