argh. for the past three days, the upstairs neighbor has been using my stall for her guest. it’s starting to really get on my nerves. yes, it’s an empty stall because i only have one car, and each unit has 2 stalls. so is it mean of me to not want them using my extra stall? it is just sitting unused…however, there are also 6 visitor parking stalls, sitting available, on the opposite side of the parking lot. it just gets to me that they have the gall to just use the stall without even asking. well, no one else is using it, so why don’t you? is it wrong for me to feel so protective over my space? i mean, in the past, one of the neighbors offered to pay me monthly for use of my stall, which you know, at least he asked. but my upstairs neighbor doesn’t even bother to ask. her guests just park there.

what also irritates me is that they park in BOTH of my stalls. they only move one when they see me waiting for my stall, and they take their time moving it, as well. even though they see me there, they just stand there talking to whomever’s in the car or on the porch, and won’t move until their conversation is done. i’m a meek person, so i won’t go out and ask them to move. especially since they are all pretty large people. and the last thing i want to do, as a single person living in a complex, is to anger my neighbors! you never know when you may need their help. but i really hate being taken advantage of. even though the manager has offered to kick people out of the stall himself, i just feel like … well they’re gonna know who was complaining, because they know that stall belongs to me. and i don’t want that ill feeling between us. also, the manager had offered that before we had that incident in my building and i didn’t want him to come into my apartment, and he had to threaten to come in, and so i don’t know how he feels toward me, either. maybe he doesn’t *want* to help me now, you know? aiyiyiyi.

kinda makes me want to get a second car so i can leave it in that stall and prevent others from parking in there just because it’s empty. i also want to park it as close to one line as possible, since THAT neighbor likes to park over the line of her stall into my stall all the time. hello. the lines are not suggestions. i mean, come on. practice a little parking etiquette, please. i know that makes me angry because i take the extra time out to make sure i’m perfectly aligned in between the two lines so not to be an inconvenience to my neighbors, however, they are not showing the same courtesy back to me. they couldn’t care less! they just swing their big ol’ cars into their general area and walk away. that inequality is something that tips my libra scales totally out of whack.

and i don’t know. am i just being mean to not want someone to use what’s mine, even if i don’t use it myself? do i need to stop being vengeful, and practice being kind, especially on a holiday about sharing and being thankful?

sigh. it’s times like these when i curse my independent streak and wish i had a big, burly man who will assert himself and help a poor little meek girl like me. 😦



  1. scrivener Said:

    You should just buy an old, broken moped and park it in the unused stall. Nobody has to know it doesn’t even run. 🙂

  2. Lia Said:

    ooh! good idea! 🙂 thanks!

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