okay. i said i’d add more to the two previous posts. but. um. i changed my mind. because i was about to unleash my wrath about other people, and that really is not necessary. people do annoy me, but i shall not pretend that i’m so much holier than them, as if i don’t have any faults myself. because i do have many and probably annoy everyone around me, yet they don’t complain about it. so i shall keep those thoughts to myself. and punish myself for even *thinking* like that. 😦

i’m such a not nice girl that it kills me sometimes. when did i get to be like that? ’tis what happens when you’re getting old and cranky, i suppose. 😦 i just get so sad when i realize how much of life is passing by. and what do i have to show for it? *sigh*

that’s not a nice thing to think about, either. so what can i think about?

um. 😳

never mind.


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