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best news this weekend

wow. i had 3 surprises this weekend.

the first was i heard from one of the friends i talked about a couple of weeks ago! my hula buddy. 🙂 she found me via facebook and wrote me a long letter asking for the scoops! wow. that made me so happy.

the second was that i heard from my boy’s father. i was totally not expecting that! nothing major, just how are you, how is everything going. but i hadn’t heard from him in a year, and figured now that the boy’s older, he’s not as interested, so i didn’t think i would hear from him again. but lo and behold, he emailed this weekend. i was shocked.

the third was that this weekend i heard that … not one, not two, but THREE of my family members are currently expecting. i admit, i’m a little jealous about that one. i know, i should be happy with my boy–and i totally am. it’s that sometimes, i wish i could have one more, a little girl. or even another boy, but … just one more. i miss having a baby. well i guess there’ll be a lot around by the end of the year. still…

so, three surprises, and all really good news. well. maybe the 2nd one is not *good* news…just shocking. but what is actually the best news this weekend?

this gosh darn month of blogging is finally over. i did bad this month. missed 3 days! and near misses some other days. i did keep up my photoblog for project 365 though, every day–i guess because i always do that one while waiting for the bus to come, and i’m just too tired when i finally get home to compose on this one. but can i keep it up for the next 334 days? we’ll see!

and not sure if i’ll do february. the theme is ties, but … hmmm. that’s hard. i need more direction. 🙂 but i know i have to twitter the month of february for aha again, so i don’t know…seems like i could just add the blog on at the same time, especially since i have to keep up project 365. we’ll see.

hee, making plans when i couldn’t even do this month! i’m such a dreamer. 🙂


best restaurant

when we were young, we always went to the same restaurant, three times a year–once for my dad’s birthday, once for my mom’s birthday, and once for the three of us combined (all our birthdays are within 2 weeks of each other). otherwise, we never ate out, except for the occasional graduation or wedding or other event. that was okay–my mom was a great cook.

since my parents divorced, however, i had never been back to that restaurant. in fact, i was surprised to find out that our favorite restaurant had closed down! nothing will replace the memories from that restaurant, but i wonder if there’s one that replace the food memories i have from there.

both my parents have different favorite restaurants now (and funnily enough, the cuisines are each others’ ethnicities). we went to my dad’s favorite today for his birthday. i have to say, i wasn’t very impressed. i mean, the entertainment was neat, but i wasn’t impressed with the food or the portion, for the price. i guess a lot of the price is for the “entertainment”, but really, that’s not what i think i would go to a restaurant for. maybe i ordered the wrong thing, but i wasn’t very impressed.

we went to my mom’s favorite last month, when we all decided to take our grandma out for her birthday. now this one, i like. the food was pretty good, the price seemed okay, and the free garlic bread balls were so yummy. mmm!

my son likes this other place that serves breakfast 24/7, which he loves. he’s chosen to go to this place for his past 3 or 4 birthdays. i like it because it’s affordable, and on tuesdays, he eats free! 😀 that’s always nice. 🙂

for my birthday, we went to a steakhouse nearby but i wasn’t very impressed with it, and it was expensive for what was served. so the next year, we went to a cheaper steakhouse–or at least i thought it was cheaper. it was just as expensive! but we did get way more food than at the first one. i love my steak, but sometimes the best steak is the $6 plate you get at a local supermarket here. and the price can’t be beat for that one! yum

so what would i choose for my favorite, or at least, *my* best? hmmm. i’ve only been to a handful, and there are tons out there. but of the ones i know, i guess i’d choose the one my mom likes. at least until i find another real good steakhouse. 🙂

best spook out

talking with sisters about freaky things. scared now! 

best i don't know

whoops. that’s the third time this month. and no other excuse than i suck. i was just too tired (i think i fell asleep by 730!) and my brain too overwhelmed and my body too overworked. sorry.

so what is this the best of? i don’t know. i just want to disappear under the covers, in my dark room of solitude. best reason the world has to celebrate, i guess.

best way to upset me

run away and hide. oooooh. that makes my blood pressure rise. grrr.

best word games

i’m looking at the 4 “giant book of word games” books that are on my coffee table. gosh, i wish i had more time to do them. but the best one i like to solve is called “places please.” i even found out that the company printed books of only that game, and i had to backorder all of them. oh and i like share a letter. i also love sum totals, even though that’s numbers. i used to always love quote falls, fill-ins, and logic puzzles the best, but i don’t really care to do them any more. i mean, i’ll do them, but i’m not all oooooh! like i am when i see a sum total or a share a letter. oh i used to love the jigsaw one too but now i get all cocky solving them and don’t even follow the rules. 😳 i guess i need to find me more challenging ones, but i still buy these because they’re only $5.99 with over 500 puzzles in each. since they’re already on book 24 (last one i have, there might be more), i keep thinking, there’s gotta be some repeats. right? i don’t know. i’m amazed at how they can keep coming up with all these different puzzles. they’re so much fun. 🙂

best device i own

there is no doubt what the best device I own is. it’s this phone. all the things I can do with it! and what astounds me is that I got this refurbished one for $49 when others have paid $200+ for this. and I can’t even tell it was refurbished! it works just as great as a new one–video, mms, a compass! and double the storage space of my old one, without the annoying lines going across. I play games on it, I update my blogs on it, i listen to it in the car, I keep to do lists (I never did before, but I got an app!  — oh and cool emoji only seen by others with this phone, kinda like a secret code!) on it, i use the alarm, the calendar, and contact info on it, I keep in contact with the world on it. of course I could do this with another phone, I suppose. but it’s the best I own. 

(notice I do this on the phone so my laptop doesn’t get jealous  while i love laptop to bits and admit it IS better in terms of what it can do, it’s just not as portable as my phone is. so that gives my phone an edge. sorry, lappybaby.) 

best ???

i was just reading the best friends entry and thought, hmmm, completely left the exes off that one. and, yet, at the times, they would’ve been. but do i really want to tread those waters again? ugh. i don’t really want to think about them, especially in the down state i’ve been lately.

it’d be a no-brainer who would be #1 on my list. i mean, i thought i knew what love felt like–twice–but he completely blew the other two away in the way he cared. though i honestly still think it was a contest, i have to admit, that aligned with the others, there’s just no competition. but i don’t want to talk about him.

i think i’ll stick to the best date. well. that would take too long. hmmm. maybe the best first date. sigh. it’s just that, to understand that date, i’d have to go into the whole relationship, and i don’t want to do that right now. okay, the best gift i ever got. er. well, that would be obvious. hmmm. best pickup line? best courtship? best proposal? best…whatever? i can’t think. or really, i don’t want to think.

alright. one thing popped into my head, that ’til this day, i think was so sweet, even though things didn’t end so well. but it’s a happy memory. it was nearing the end of the semester. we were both swamped with schoolwork–finals, papers, projects, presentations. he was serious about school, as was i, and knew he wouldn’t be seeing me because of all we had going on, and i was too “distracting.” so we promised ourselves to just concentrate on ending the school year, and then we’d be free to just hang out again afterwards. we had been in contact with each other daily since the day we met, and now we were going to spend a week not contacting each other at all. easy, right? 😛

on the second day of our self-imposed isolation, i decided to take a break from schoolwork and went to the computer lab to play muds, my favorite escape. i logged on to the one he and i would play on, and saw i had a pm from him, with the subject “i just called…”. i remember thinking, what? when did he call? and i opened up the pm, and it said “…to say i love you. i just called to say how much i care. *kiss*” and that was it. i swear, i melted on the spot. i mean, even though he was so busy with all he had to do, he still made the time to leave me a little note in the one place i’d least expect it, just to show that he was thinking about me, even though we weren’t supposed to be together. *sigh* yeah, sappy, i know. but it put a smile on my face that was inerasable for the rest of the week. that was the best little pm i got, ever. 🙂

best defense

a smile 🙂

best reason

ack missed another day. well not really, I *did* have it composed yesterday but apparently on my phone I pressed “draft” instead of “publish”. didnt notice it until today. shoots.

so well it’s not the *best* reason but it’s the truth! 

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