best thing about where i live

this month’s theme is “best.”


i can’t write about the things that immediately jumped into my head when i saw the theme (thanks to some weird, perverted dreams i’ve been having lately. i seriously need to find someone to remedy that. grrr.). i then bugged asked for help and got a good list of things to write about so phew. i’m going to attempt it again this month. and hopefully it won’t be too cringe-inducing.

i’m always complaining about my neighbors, but otherwise, i like my place. it’s relatively quiet, unless neighbors are thumping their music or stomping up and down the halls all night. i have two parking stalls, which is good because parking is hard to find, unless your neighbors decide they’re going to take your stall without even asking you first because you don’t use it. it’s a perfect balance for me–it’s really not too far away from things that you feel like you have to drive for ages, yet, not too near things where it’s loud and crimey (which i notice as more and more people are moving here–i don’t think i’d like this a few years from now, because we’ll be *too* crowded, and with more people, more crime).

but what i like the best?

it’s the fact that it’s *mine* — my little spot in this world. well, technically, i guess it’s still the bank’s, for another 17 years. but it’s my biggest investment, my biggest responsibility, and it’s just *mine*. i get help from no one. this is what i’m working for. this is all me–how i want to decorate it, how i want to keep it, how i want to live (well, it could use a little organization…). it’s my show of independence–not that i won’t turn away anyone that wants to help me pay my bills 😀 but i just feel like, even though it’s small and cluttered, it’s still mine. (…except when the manager wants to barge in, then apparently he has the right to do so…) i hate to sound so possessive, but it really is what i like best about it. it’s my little haven. i think even if this were a tiny apartment on the 37th floor of some highrise in the bowels of town, i’d still feel the same way. i’m just lucky that aside from my neighbors, i do actually like this place for the reasons above. but those are just fringe benefits, in my mind. the main fact is that this home and everything within is mine. and even though i do spend an extraordinary amount of time away from my home, visiting my mom, it’s still a place i can retreat to when i need to, and i love it for that. 🙂

selfish little nag, aren’t i? 😳


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