best songs from the year i was born

these are the top 20 songs of the year i was born.
Music Playlist at

so just going through those top 20 songs, there are a few that i recognize. “stairway to heaven” was the first song i learned on the guitar. i actually don’t even know the words to that song, i just know that guitar part. “imagine”–well, who doesn’t know that one? “what’s going on” and “let’s stay together” i’ve only known recently, probably because of commercials. i don’t know “maggie may.” my dad would play “american pie” all the time. i could recite all the lyrics when i was 5. i don’t know “won’t get fooled again.” “brown sugar” was another one my dad would play a lot; he was a big rolling stones fan. “just my imagination” i probably heard from a movie or tv show or something. i don’t know “family affair” or “theme from ‘shaft'” (except that it was said during whose line is it anyway?). my dad also played “me and bobby mcgee” a bit. i don’t know “baba o’riley” but i think i just don’t know the title, but probably recognize the song, as the who was another of my dad’s records that he would play. i know “it’s too late” from my aunty. i don’t know “riders on the storm.” i know “bang a gong” only because of the remake by the power station. and i don’t know the last 4.

so which of these do i think are the best? i guess i’d have to choose “imagine.” the lyrics are a good thing to ponder over. i like the haunting sound the piano makes. and it just sounds so simple, yet so powerful. all these years later, and people still know it. some people may call it anti-religious and anti-nationalistic, but i don’t know if i agree. it’s just a message of hope, i think. and it is still relevant today.

you may say i’m a dreamer…


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