best signature soup

i’ll have to elaborate on this later because i’m tired.

but here’s a clue:

okay. now i know i’m not a gourmet eater. i rarely eat at restaurants; when i do, it’s the same one. so i know my palate is not refined. but i really do enjoy these signature cafe soups they sell at safeway. i’ve tried almost all of them, as i also love their deli sandwiches, and instead of choosing chips, i’ll choose the soup instead. i shan’t do a list describing the nuances of each soup, as i can’t write for beans, but i will tell my top three favorites.

i like the tuscan tomato & basil bisque. it’s a bit too rich for me to eat it on its own, but over pasta? yum. i like pouring the warm bisque over penne pasta and sprinkling it with mozzarella. oh, so yummy. to me, it’s better with penne than like spaghetti because of the thickness of the noodle and how it can get into the hole in the middle (see? told you i’m horrible at writing food stuff. well, any stuff in general.) and it’s just a lot more texturey than with spaghetti or even macaroni noodles. i don’t know, but that’s just my thing. 🙂 anyway, i just love that soup over pasta. definitely one of my top 3.

the next one is the bella minestrone. it’s got chunks of veggies, beans, and macaroni noodles in it. yum! i normally don’t care for vegetable soup, but this one is on the sweet side, and very … italian tasting, like spaghetti sauce, but soup. it’s so yummy. this was the first soup i tried from safeway, and it got me hooked! yum.

my absolute favorite though is stompin’ steakhouse chili. delicious. what i especially love is the chunks of meat that’s in it–it’s not hamburger, but a chunk of roast or something. but obviously, cooked so that it’s soft and tender when you bite into it, a little bit gristly…and of course the soup part is nice, too, but i love the chunks of meat in there. so yummy. a good meal on a cold day, which is what it has been lately!

i’m actually kinda surprised that of my top three, the clam chowder is not in there! i *always* order clam chowder whenever i’m about if it’s an option for the soup! hmm. maybe their clam chowder would be the fourth one for me. they have two types of chowder, too–cravin’ crab & sweet corn chowder, and the pacific coast clam chowder. i enjoyed the pacific one better, though the crab one was not bad! but wow, yeah, i usually always choose clam chowder. i guess i like it thick, like how my mom used to make it (and i’ve since found another diner place that makes it like that! YUMMO!), so this one doesn’t rank up as high as the other three do, since it’s more thin and soupy. but still, it’s a very close fourth.

okay, i’ve reminded myself about clam chowder, now. i think i shall head out to get a bowl from that other diner. yum


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