best ???

i was just reading the best friends entry and thought, hmmm, completely left the exes off that one. and, yet, at the times, they would’ve been. but do i really want to tread those waters again? ugh. i don’t really want to think about them, especially in the down state i’ve been lately.

it’d be a no-brainer who would be #1 on my list. i mean, i thought i knew what love felt like–twice–but he completely blew the other two away in the way he cared. though i honestly still think it was a contest, i have to admit, that aligned with the others, there’s just no competition. but i don’t want to talk about him.

i think i’ll stick to the best date. well. that would take too long. hmmm. maybe the best first date. sigh. it’s just that, to understand that date, i’d have to go into the whole relationship, and i don’t want to do that right now. okay, the best gift i ever got. er. well, that would be obvious. hmmm. best pickup line? best courtship? best proposal? best…whatever? i can’t think. or really, i don’t want to think.

alright. one thing popped into my head, that ’til this day, i think was so sweet, even though things didn’t end so well. but it’s a happy memory. it was nearing the end of the semester. we were both swamped with schoolwork–finals, papers, projects, presentations. he was serious about school, as was i, and knew he wouldn’t be seeing me because of all we had going on, and i was too “distracting.” so we promised ourselves to just concentrate on ending the school year, and then we’d be free to just hang out again afterwards. we had been in contact with each other daily since the day we met, and now we were going to spend a week not contacting each other at all. easy, right? 😛

on the second day of our self-imposed isolation, i decided to take a break from schoolwork and went to the computer lab to play muds, my favorite escape. i logged on to the one he and i would play on, and saw i had a pm from him, with the subject “i just called…”. i remember thinking, what? when did he call? and i opened up the pm, and it said “…to say i love you. i just called to say how much i care. *kiss*” and that was it. i swear, i melted on the spot. i mean, even though he was so busy with all he had to do, he still made the time to leave me a little note in the one place i’d least expect it, just to show that he was thinking about me, even though we weren’t supposed to be together. *sigh* yeah, sappy, i know. but it put a smile on my face that was inerasable for the rest of the week. that was the best little pm i got, ever. 🙂


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