best device i own

there is no doubt what the best device I own is. it’s this phone. all the things I can do with it! and what astounds me is that I got this refurbished one for $49 when others have paid $200+ for this. and I can’t even tell it was refurbished! it works just as great as a new one–video, mms, a compass! and double the storage space of my old one, without the annoying lines going across. I play games on it, I update my blogs on it, i listen to it in the car, I keep to do lists (I never did before, but I got an app!  — oh and cool emoji only seen by others with this phone, kinda like a secret code!) on it, i use the alarm, the calendar, and contact info on it, I keep in contact with the world on it. of course I could do this with another phone, I suppose. but it’s the best I own. 

(notice I do this on the phone so my laptop doesn’t get jealous  while i love laptop to bits and admit it IS better in terms of what it can do, it’s just not as portable as my phone is. so that gives my phone an edge. sorry, lappybaby.) 


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