best word games

i’m looking at the 4 “giant book of word games” books that are on my coffee table. gosh, i wish i had more time to do them. but the best one i like to solve is called “places please.” i even found out that the company printed books of only that game, and i had to backorder all of them. oh and i like share a letter. i also love sum totals, even though that’s numbers. i used to always love quote falls, fill-ins, and logic puzzles the best, but i don’t really care to do them any more. i mean, i’ll do them, but i’m not all oooooh! like i am when i see a sum total or a share a letter. oh i used to love the jigsaw one too but now i get all cocky solving them and don’t even follow the rules. 😳 i guess i need to find me more challenging ones, but i still buy these because they’re only $5.99 with over 500 puzzles in each. since they’re already on book 24 (last one i have, there might be more), i keep thinking, there’s gotta be some repeats. right? i don’t know. i’m amazed at how they can keep coming up with all these different puzzles. they’re so much fun. 🙂


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