best restaurant

when we were young, we always went to the same restaurant, three times a year–once for my dad’s birthday, once for my mom’s birthday, and once for the three of us combined (all our birthdays are within 2 weeks of each other). otherwise, we never ate out, except for the occasional graduation or wedding or other event. that was okay–my mom was a great cook.

since my parents divorced, however, i had never been back to that restaurant. in fact, i was surprised to find out that our favorite restaurant had closed down! nothing will replace the memories from that restaurant, but i wonder if there’s one that replace the food memories i have from there.

both my parents have different favorite restaurants now (and funnily enough, the cuisines are each others’ ethnicities). we went to my dad’s favorite today for his birthday. i have to say, i wasn’t very impressed. i mean, the entertainment was neat, but i wasn’t impressed with the food or the portion, for the price. i guess a lot of the price is for the “entertainment”, but really, that’s not what i think i would go to a restaurant for. maybe i ordered the wrong thing, but i wasn’t very impressed.

we went to my mom’s favorite last month, when we all decided to take our grandma out for her birthday. now this one, i like. the food was pretty good, the price seemed okay, and the free garlic bread balls were so yummy. mmm!

my son likes this other place that serves breakfast 24/7, which he loves. he’s chosen to go to this place for his past 3 or 4 birthdays. i like it because it’s affordable, and on tuesdays, he eats free! 😀 that’s always nice. 🙂

for my birthday, we went to a steakhouse nearby but i wasn’t very impressed with it, and it was expensive for what was served. so the next year, we went to a cheaper steakhouse–or at least i thought it was cheaper. it was just as expensive! but we did get way more food than at the first one. i love my steak, but sometimes the best steak is the $6 plate you get at a local supermarket here. and the price can’t be beat for that one! yum

so what would i choose for my favorite, or at least, *my* best? hmmm. i’ve only been to a handful, and there are tons out there. but of the ones i know, i guess i’d choose the one my mom likes. at least until i find another real good steakhouse. 🙂


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