best news this weekend

wow. i had 3 surprises this weekend.

the first was i heard from one of the friends i talked about a couple of weeks ago! my hula buddy. 🙂 she found me via facebook and wrote me a long letter asking for the scoops! wow. that made me so happy.

the second was that i heard from my boy’s father. i was totally not expecting that! nothing major, just how are you, how is everything going. but i hadn’t heard from him in a year, and figured now that the boy’s older, he’s not as interested, so i didn’t think i would hear from him again. but lo and behold, he emailed this weekend. i was shocked.

the third was that this weekend i heard that … not one, not two, but THREE of my family members are currently expecting. i admit, i’m a little jealous about that one. i know, i should be happy with my boy–and i totally am. it’s that sometimes, i wish i could have one more, a little girl. or even another boy, but … just one more. i miss having a baby. well i guess there’ll be a lot around by the end of the year. still…

so, three surprises, and all really good news. well. maybe the 2nd one is not *good* news…just shocking. but what is actually the best news this weekend?

this gosh darn month of blogging is finally over. i did bad this month. missed 3 days! and near misses some other days. i did keep up my photoblog for project 365 though, every day–i guess because i always do that one while waiting for the bus to come, and i’m just too tired when i finally get home to compose on this one. but can i keep it up for the next 334 days? we’ll see!

and not sure if i’ll do february. the theme is ties, but … hmmm. that’s hard. i need more direction. 🙂 but i know i have to twitter the month of february for aha again, so i don’t know…seems like i could just add the blog on at the same time, especially since i have to keep up project 365. we’ll see.

hee, making plans when i couldn’t even do this month! i’m such a dreamer. 🙂


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