holy moly.

i logged on to nablopomo to see the theme because i had been challenged by someone and wanted to see if i should do this one or the other one (to me, the meme site is easier). i poked around a bit and found my profile page with this notification:

At 11:47am on December 1, 2009, Eden M. Kennedy said…
Congratulations, you won a random prize for finishing NaBlo this year!

wow! i didn’t even know that! couldn’t claim the prize though–a twitter background, and well, i am no longer on twitter. but still, wow. i’m kinda tickled by that. thanks, random number generator!

but it also makes me feel guilty, too. now i gotta do april.

the theme is big. i have no idea what to write about, but i will try. so you got it, miss twittermom who challenged me. i take you up on it (though i admit, it’s hard to back down from a challenge). but just remember–if i lose, it doesn’t really count because i’m not on twitter any more so not officially a twittermom anyway! 😛

oh, i love excuses.


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