i was tagged in a thingie that’s going around facebook where you have to list 25 facts about yourself. i so hate that. but since i was tagged by three of my out-of-state cousins and one sister, i thought i better. however, once again, i cannot do lists for beans. my lists are all like paragraphs. i had to cut out a lot. so i think here is where i’m going to expand upon each one of those random facts. of course, they don’t know about this place so they won’t see the explanations, but, oh well. it’s more for me and my need to explain things clearly, even if they aren’t going to read it. 😉

besides, i’ve been complaining way too much after saying i wasn’t going to. so this will give me something else to write about that won’t be a complaint. and i’m off a day (til the 30th) but i see two of mine are pretty similar, so i will combine them, and then i should end right on april 30. woo! big thrill. 😛

oh gee. i said i wasn’t going to complain, and then i look at my first fact. *bleah*

“1. last month, i completed 14 years of service, after saying for 14 years, ‘i quit!'”


well, what can i say. especially after saying i won’t complain…



… anyway. yeah. you know i’ll be at this job until the day i die (which could be very soon) and i’ll STILL be saying “i’m not coming back next year! i quit!” every single year until then. *sigh*

really, i wouldn’t have such a problem if i could just work with the kids. it’s all the other stuff that gets me down. especially when you’re looked down upon for doing your job, and made to feel like you can’t do anything right. then i’m like, well, why do i stay here if i can’t do anything right? but then you see the kids, and you’re like well no one else wants to work here. bah. i need a job where i can have my own little cubicle, with lots of access to office supplies, and i can pin up pictures on my wall, and keep a neat little in box and out box, and not have to take stuff home or stay extra late or whatever. of course, as one colleague said, then your life wouldn’t be as exciting. every day is a challenge. then again, another one said, but imagine how relaxed your life would be. how you’d actually be a much more pleasant person.


so yeah. just made 14 years last month. even though i’ve said many times, “i’m working ’til 5 years then i quit!”, “i’m working until 10 years, then i quit!”, “I QUIT ALREADY! WHO CARES HOW LONG I’VE BEEN HERE! TOO LONG!!!!”



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